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Alternate Account:
[Located at the bottom of Mentalos Za'am's satchel secured with a simple non magical lock DC 10 Open Lock]
//OOC Knowledge and Background Information:

Height: 5'8", Weight" 150 lbs
Skin/Hair Color: Tanned Caucasian and bald.
Eyes: Black

Languages Known: Vaasi (Spoken/Literate), Draconic (Literate), Abyssal (Spoken/Literate), Infernal (Spoken/Literate), Trade Tongue (Spoken/Literate).
Education: Graduate of the Red Academy in Hazlan, General Studies with minor in Evocation and Conjuration.

Alternate Account:
[A vellum page scribed in the language of Vassi]Entry 1

I have decided it prudent to record all discoveries, be it medical, scientific and arcane. This record will be structured in a fashion similar to my academic reports at the Red Academy. Theories, hypothesis, formula, diagrams and all other miscellaneous research will be recorded in chronological order.

Alternate Account:
Entry 2

Barovia, a backwoods country of rugged mountains, fog shrouded black forests and dirty superstitious peasants. The only respite of civilization I have found rests on the southern shore of Lake Zarovich, The City of Vallaki.

I have secured lodging in a mediocre guest house called The Blue Water. The rooms have a sparten charm to them and upon inspection I find them to be warm and clean.

The tavern room is spacious and comfortable despite its gaudy decoration with its stuffed bear, dark colors and woven rugs. The stone fireplace is massive and issues out a surprising amount of heat. This I find almost tolerable.

How I miss the warm summer winds of Toyalis.

Alternate Account:
Entry 3

I have kept a low profile these past few weeks. This Barovian winter is beyond anything I could have imagined. The endless rain and damp chill permeates every aspect of life. I am miserable!

My only reprieve is the unexpected kindness of a curious Barovian nobleman. Lord Tiberiu von Radovich is an uncommon native. Educated, refined and polite, a true abnormality compared to his lower born kinsmen.

Lord Radovich admits that he finds amusement in my foreign ways. It was he who first introduced me to the sweet clear nectar called tsuika. It is a beautiful draught that numbs the senses and drives out the chill.

My new friend seems intrigue by my presences in his homeland.  He has invited me to dine with himself and his new bride, a beautiful woman twenty years his junior.

A pleasant enough distraction as I begin the long tedious chore of establishing a network.

Alternate Account:
Entry 4

Continued conversations with Lord Radovich has revealed the elderly man suffers from some negative condition.

Having studied medicine and physiology at the Red Academy I offered to perform a rudimentary physical examination. Though my education was not primarily focused on the art of healing, the intermediate education received places my knowledge far ahead of the local midwives, ignorant leechmen and clumsy witchdoctors of Barovia.

Initial Examination: Tiberiu von Radovich

Patient Middle Aged Barovian Male of 54 years. Large framed and moderately over weight.

The patient suffers from stress and a lingering infection of the lungs due to pneumonia three years prior.

Frequently drinks alcohol in excessive amounts little to no exercise. Smokes pipe tobacco.

Poor diet heavy fat from goat cheese, dairy products and red meat.
I have subscribed a diet in lean meat, fish and fresh vegetables. Moderate consumption of alcohol and cessation of tobacco use.

Additionally the patient suffers from stress resulting from a marriage to a woman considerably younger then him. I have advised the patient to pursue recreational activities as a positive outlet to relieve stress, perhaps hunting or falconry.


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