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These are the days of dying light! As we approach the coming end of this realm, that shall be feasted upon by jealous and vile entities, we do prepare for Her coming as well as the shattering battles that will come! It is the place for all who love Ezra to take up steel against Her foes! It is of no doubt there are heathens and monsters in this world that come and try and take from Her chosen people their will to fight and even their lives!

In the grim County of Barovia there stands battle against Her chosen in a community called Raduta. Its name an emulation of the Last Redoubt of Darkon, the mighty cathedral and fortress taken from pagans and given to Her by the blessed Bastion Teodorus Raines! Heathen, Warlock, and Pagan have all joined together to expell those fo Raduta and kill them and their allies!

Any faithful who comes to the aid of Raduta shall in their battle absolve themselves of sin! Merely reveal yourself to the Sentire of Raduta and you shall be given your task! March forward, faithful, and purge evil from the land!

"Ezras servant must show the corrupted their paths of doom and must guard the faith from those losts who would not be saved. Her Anchorites must redeem the fallen and destroy the legions of the night who corrupt the pure. When the Mists of Death sweep down, when the darkness devours the land and consumes the wicked, Ezra shall stand vigil over those who have been true to her. The time of Ultimate Darkness ist fast falling upon the land. We live in days of dying light. Signs and portents surround us, and only those who admit Ezras light shall be spared." XXVI-XXIX Fourth Revelation