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« on: October 30, 2013, 10:31:36 AM »
Pinned to trees by nondescript arrows, fashioned with bland tan fletchings, are cautionary posters. There does not seem to be an originator of these so readily, and no one yet has reported ever seeing the one responsible for their production.

All Elves, Feykin, and Half-elves take heed! The Vallaki Garda has issued a bounty on any elf head brought to them until the Elven Witch responsible for the deaths of 5 garda are found. Please, leave the town at once!


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Several of these posters are taken down, if they are in Vallaki or nearby common patrol areas, several posters are replaced in place of those.

NOT ALL FEYS HAVE BOUNTY, THERE IS NO GENERAL BOUNTY: Fey named Sywyn! Wanted! Dead or Alive! Reward 5,000 Gold Fangs!

The one responsible for attacking the Vallaki Citadel and murdering five Vallaki Guardsmen!

Culprit described as a thin elf-man witch dressed in hood and cloak of a white and blue color. Plain skull cloak clasp.
Witch has the power to render itself invisible to the eye, summon immorjti undead and attacks with fire, acid and giant green ghosts hands.

Private Marius Valeriscu
Vallaki Guard