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Journal of Mara Ionás
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Journal of Mara Ionás
(Kept in a unique type of shorthand)

The earlier entries in this journal consist of records of patients and studies over herbs, as well as prayers directed to Lathander Morninglord and practices of his dogma. Some insight on the thoughts and emotions of the owner is given here and there.

20th of June
Miss Gralen, a lovely woman, sixty of age, has been complaining of back pain and not being able to take care of her sons as well as she used to. Now, her sons are in no way shape of form in need of care, one being almost twenty and the other fifteen, but I am not to judge a mother's decisions. I have provided her with some healing prayers but seems my capabilities are not well fledged out to treat such deep problem in the spine. I presume it is because of old age and bad posture, the spine curving under the weight of carrying oneself for too long of a time. Dawnbringer Heleon was busy with other patients and the morning prayers of today, so I gave her a numbing concoction of herbs and told her to visit us this afternoon.

This was much early in the morning, even before the singing of dawn. Despite my lack of sleep, the singing with Father Heleon and the clergy provided me with enough energy to go into the grove to pick the last herbs of spring, that cling to life despite it's time for them to be gone. I am not complaining, for they are quite useful. I shall get ready and leave now, before the midday arrives and the heat is too strong! And if I make haste, I can watch the spires bathing in the first light, before I take care of my duties. This is going to be a tiring day, for in the evening I have a training session with a Dawnknight I have yet to meet- Father Heleon said if I want to indulge my interests in using my maul to defend myself and others, he could offer me more than any other in the clergy.

Midday, Same Day
It is truly a blessed day today. The heat is of a lovely level and warms my bones. However, caught up too much in my preparations, I missed the proper time to watch the spires today. I shall do it tomorrow, for the sight of them calms my soul and fills me with joy.

The grove is under the shades of the mountains at the moment, though to be frank, unexpectedly, it is a bit misty. I've picked some herbs, a huge branch of agrimony which is quite useful. Bishop's weed as well! Good to have in stock, in case of a plague threat.

The ink is smudged here, as if she was to write something but picked up the pen and the ink smudged sideways.

I am so very excited right now, for I think I spotted a black rose bush in the distance! If it is so, I shall thank Lathander for an hour straight, because the plant is very rare, but very effective against poison! I will now go to pick it up. I can't see well into the distance due to this mist and the shade, but I have hope. Oh Lord, please let it be so.

Date Not Given
I do not know what happened, and my grasp at reality at the moment is failing me. Sitting at the back tables of an in called the Lady's Resting Place, I will make my best efforts to explain what happened, to get my thoughts straight.

Back in the earlier hours of today (mem. Not sure if it is the same day, possible concussion and memory loss) after closing my journal I trotted over into the deep of the grove, to pick from the black rose bush. I remember approaching and actually finding it is a black rose bush amidst the mist that engulfed the grove. I remember being pricked by the thorns as I, being the stupid one I am, in my hastened excitement forgot to put on my gloves. I thought it fine, for the rose doesn't have any poisonous qualities as far as I know. But it surely had something, otherwise I have no other explanation of what happened next.

I felt the whole world close in on me, the mist around thickened and swirled in front of my eyes, my blood dripping from the tip of my finger seemed to have turned the black rose fully red, soaked, drenched. My head turned, and I as well, to get out there as fast as possible in case I lost conciousness.I spotted a glimpse of the spires and moved, but the mists covered my vision fast. I, swaying from side to side, thought it to be the right direction and I kept walking despite my state amidst this fog. The fog I felt like was hindering my movements, some things just kept gripping at my legs and making me slow.

I walked, and walked, it could've been a minute or an hour, the trees grew more dense and thicker, until it was almost as dark as night. I shook my head, tried to get my bearings, but at that moment walked right into someone, or something? Taller than I, for sure. My body collided into its, and I felt the creature push me away with one hand and I fell to the ground.

I felt two eyes piercing my soul, red as the sun at sundown, then I completely lost consciousness.

I do not know for how long I was.

I woke up to a faint sound of music, and chattering. It seemed to be night time. I was not in my comfortable herb hunting attire, but in my gold and silver armour I wear while I train myself. I sat up, seeing that I was definitely not in the grove I was. Checking my bags, I saw I didn't have my herbs and my equipment, but a sword and a shield, as well as food, and some gold.

Did I manage to go back? Was this my doing? Did I change my attire and my equipment and went off into some adventure in my delirious and poisoned state? I do not know.

The weather was misty, and I had a terrible headache. The air was breezy and chill, the moon was up in the air shining bright but risen just earlier, but I could feel it was not Seluné looking down on me, just a feeling. A sense.. that this part of the world is not as lighthearted and safe, as Waterdeep.

I followed the sound, shield in one arm and sword on the other. There before my eyes fell a scene of a campfire, women and men dancing, singing around it. Exotic, is a term I find most suitable for it. Women were dressed in flowy dresses, clad in gold jewellery, their skin dark and features a little sharp, their bodies in sync with the rhythm. They swirled around the fire, drums and tambourines accompanying them. Caravans of various colours and shapes with runes and symbols I am unfamiliar with scratched onto their wooden walls.
A man was standing by the side with a table in front of him filled with trinkets and goods and weapons, all sorts, a merchant from the looks of it.

I approached him, making sure to put my sword in its scabbard and tried to talk to him.

I will just... explain all what's explained to me, as best as I can, and as clear and short.

The man, which I learned his name is Petre, with the most interesting common accent answered my most questions.

I do not believe most of this, no, but I will record nonetheless.

It seems that the place I am in is called Barovia, and the world I am in is not Toril anymore. He said the mists surrounding this world do it every now and then, bring "outlanders", or "giorgios" here. For what purpose no one knows. He told me there is a town closeby, Vallaki, and I could find shelter there, however advised me not to walk at night much, and that the night contains many dangers.

I followed his directions and found myself on a road. On one side, a temple, on the other, an inn. The inn I mentioned at the beginning of this entry. A few people were around, chatting, all of different attires and races. I was ignored as I made my way to the temple immediately for I saw a symbol on its flags, which seemed like a simplified symbol of Lathander, and pink.

I walked in, to a worn out, tired temple but cozy and well lit under candlelight. The priestess of the temple was standing in the middle with armed and armoured men by the sides, tending to the wounded. I approached her.

I was astounded and most happy when I found out that she was, a priestess of the Morninglord! She spoke of my Lord's name! This temple, was in his name, however different it looked- I was sure of it. She said I was welcome to stay here, but didn't recognise the name Lathander, which I found quite odd.

I went to one of the shrines and prayed.

At first I was horrified. For a moment, as I prayed, I didn't feel his light which froze my heart and sent shivers down my spine. But I felt him more as I prayed, felt his touch on this shrine and this temple, and it filled me with warmth. It was not as it was back home. His touch remained, but it was as if he was not there. I sort of felt alone, yet cared for.

Later on, I sat by the pews and tried to calm myself down, when I overheard a halfling in white robes talking.

"Outlanders come and go, it is how it is. It is most hard when those of Lathander get misted, and they think Morninglord is their god, but he is not as we all know..."

I was confused, shocked, and I got up to the halfling and those around her to ask what she meant. She pretended I was not there, and I recoiled back into my spot, left with more questions. What did she mean? Morninglord is Morninglord.

After a while, I stood up and went outside. An elven woman, whose name I never gotten, seeing my confusion came to me and with the sweetest of tones asked me if I was a newly misted.

I suppose I was, so I said yes and she went above and beyond to ease me.

She said that this world is called the Core, and the mists are alive as anything could be, and they pluck people out of their worlds. She was from Evermeet herself, in her terms misted a few months ago. This part of the Core, Barovia, was a sick land with its people scared of the night and strangers, doubting everyone, and they were not fond of magic. The guards were especially harsh and you could get executed for performing magic! She said many monsters roam these lands, and I'd do better to spend the night in the inn, get some rest, and at dawn wake with a clear mind.

So that is what I am doing. I rented a room upstairs, and will go to sleep after I close this. I do not know how to feel, what to think.

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Re: Journal of Mara Ionas
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The Golden Lion and the Order

22nd of June

It's been two days since my arrival in these lands of the Mists. I still have a lot of questions unanswered, and my life here has changed drastically. For the better, I think. I am still not accustomed to these changes, and I do not know how to feel about them.

On the 21st, I woke up before dawn, as always. I was ready to get out of my room and go downstairs to join Father Heleon and the others, when I realized that I am, indeed, not back home and it wasn't all just a dream. The grey and lifeless sky of Barovia stretched out there from my window, with Lathander's light seeping in. Even the light, seemed dimmed here. I remembered seeing some dreams but I couldn't put my finger on what they actually were for they slipped away from me quite fast. I remember feeling like getting suffocated, however.
This realization dawned on me and for a moment I didn't know how to deal with these emotions. Was I to see them again? I didn't know. Was this a forever goodbye to my family?

I decided to travel and find out.

The outskirts of the grey city, Vallaki, was full of people once more. Merchants had their goods sprawled on the grass, a bard was singing by the campfire in front of the inn. A few people were talking about going out to adventure. I overheard them, and they were speaking of a werewolf den close by. Of course, I thought, a group of adventurers after rumored treasure is all what they are. Waterdeep had its fair share of good hearted yet perhaps a bit too brave adventurers.
After I stopped by the temple and prayed, alone for the first time in years, (mem. I didn't want to pay much attention to the halfling's sayings, and decided to treat this place as my own, until I am to be proved otherwise.) I tried my luck with the city itself instead.

The laws of the land were written upon a stone statue of a warrior. Strahd von Zarovich, seemed to be the ruler of these lands. Vallaki itself, I won't go into much detail..

was a town, a city, yes. But life? It seemed shallow. Nobles and peasants were everywhere but they either escaped my gaze, or responded back with unexpected hate. I realized I don't look much like these Barovians myself, for they were darker and much more tanned than I am, and my behaviour, golden hair and armoured attire, must've revealed the fact that I am an 'outlander'. It truly deserves the name grey city.

I made myself accustomed to the locations of various shops and places. The guards didn't seem to mind my existence, but I could feel their eyes on me, paying attention to my every move. I also found a second temple, Sanctuary of the Eternal Dawn in the slums district of this gloomy city, a gem of hope amongst all. Father Ilie there seemed like a good man, and I chatted with the laymen and laywomen for a while, though it was too short for I could see in their eyes they didn't trust me.

What happened afterwards I believe was fate. I left the city and by the gates, a bounty board was up. I was reading the notices, when I came across a paper left by a Tormite, from the Order of the Golden Lion, Ander Fermar. He was calling people to the aid of the Order of the Holy Judgement and himself, and trying to gather those of good heart together.
A knight from my world, and an Order! I was thrilled, for the Triad was always good allies to the churches of Lathander, and we always stood side by side.
I thought I should find them, and perhaps join them, but I was not sure for I was of course, sworn to the churches of Lathander and didn't know these people. As I was walking back to the inn, I see the knight himself, clad in golden armour and wearing a lion helmet, approaching from the other side! I made up my mind hastily, and introduced myself to him and told him that I would like to meet the others, for they seemed like they can answer my questions.
Sir Fermar, was so helpful and so lovely, a charming knight for sure. We chatted quite a bit, and I got some of my answers.

Going back home, according to him and others, was not a choice. He said he'd love to see me in the Order, Lathanderites were not part of the Triad yet they were always welcome. He told me to find this other knight, a knight of Tyr, Lady Arshtat Amakiir for further interactions.

Afterwards, with some hope in my heart and the heavy burden of losing my family and my home, I went to my inn room and cried. Everything was clashing with each other. I prayed at sundown in front of my window, and went to sleep as early as I could.

Next morning, I prayed in my room this time and went quickly to find the location Sir Ander had described to me. As I was walking, a sun elf, dressed in gold and black full plate was walking behind me. Her hair was fiery red, skin golden tanned. She stood out amidst the crowd of villagers, and I was for a moment enthralled. Sun elves, in my eyes, are blessed by Lathander himself with the beauty they carried. I didn't want to stare however and turned my head. She was much smaller in figure than I but somehow managed to pass me even in her heavy armour, her steps were much more quicker than I. On her cloak, I saw the symbol of Tyr. I approached her, and asked her by chance if she was Lady Amakiir. Destiny! What a show off you are! Her answer was yes.

Everything happened so quickly then. Her kindness and the way she carried herself, a true Paladin, she showed me the headquarters of the Order. She is from Waterdeep herself! But we never met, how unlucky. She was misted around a year ago. After hours of talking to her, and hearing about the other members of the Order, I.. decided to join them. Lady Arshtat trusted me and kept me up to some tests, and I passed them all. In the end, I found myself giving my oath to stand with the Order. She never pressured me, and I am still a servant to Lathander, but if I am going to survive here I need them, and they seem to need me. The way Lady Arshtat explained things, I could see the sorrow in her eyes and the challenges she has faced in the past. She mentioned how the land is corrupted and those like us, are needed more here, more than back in Toril even.

Now, I write in the barracks of the Order of the Holy Judgement. It was all too fast.. yes. But I believe I have made a good choice. Tomorrow and on, I'll be focusing on training with my sword that I have at the moment, and will learn more about these lands and meet the rest of the Order.


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Re: Journal of Mara Ionas
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Chasing After a Ghost Story

25th of June
I am sickened to my stomach, and all the things that have happened in the past three days were just, insane. Insane! Rotten to the core! I never expected this.. any of this. I do not know what to do. I have to write. My hands are trembling, I do not know what to feel. This seems to be a common occurence in these days.

On the 23rd, I was spending the early hours of the day at the Sanctuary of the Eternal Dawn after the morning ceremony. It is.. strange. I am starting to see the differences in the faith of the Morninglord here and back in Toril. I got the book of His dogma, and though the general concept is the same, the teachings are different. I couldn't ponder much upon it however, for after a while of reading Lady Arshtat entered the Sanctuary. I was happy to see her but surprised. She is a Tyrran, after all. She approached my side, looking a bit grim.

"Mara, I hope you've been feeling well, and you slept comfortably last night in the barracks." In a low tone, away from the ears of others.We spoke for a bit and I told her that I am alright as anyone in my situation can be, but her well thoughts of me were helping. She mentioned she was there to meet someone, another knight but not from the Order, Sir Anthaxious. A Tormite as well. Earlier that day when she was travelling back to Vallaki from this camp called Mist Camp, (mem. I need to know what that is, sounds weird.) at this place called Midway Haven she was about to take the boat and encountered the said knight. He was carrying the body of a fallen Ezrite, (mem. I am not familiar with that religion) and Lady Arshtat questioned him on why. He said there was this evil being in the Old Inn, which last night he fought off with a friend by his side, and found the body there. He learned this all from a halfling that said there was a ghost in the inn. I am not sure on the details, my mind is still in turmoil from all that's happened. Lady Arshtat offered her aid, he said the evil being should be gone but he'd be going to check it later on.

So they chose this place as the meeting grounds. After a while, Sir Ragnar from the Holy Order came as well. A knight of Bahamut. A strong minded individual, and very kind. We spent a bit more talking about my situation in general, then Sir Anthaxious arrived.

I could see that this man has lived long, experienced much, and held his head high with his faith with one glance at him. Lady Arshtat went to join him. I introduced myself, and said if he needed any help on this matter, I'd love to aid him to the best of my abilities.
He said, he'd appreciate having a priestess, and especially a Morninglordian by his side. Sir Ragnar, Lady Arshtat, Sir Anthaxious, his friend Thorandyl and I, we headed out then.

Towards sundown, we arrived in this Old Inn. It was truly fitting for its name, a worn out, half ruined inn. As I entered, a waft of air hit my face, which shouldn't have. Sir Anthaxious mentioned there was an altar under the inn, which belonged to the Neureni. We moved where the hole to the lower floor was then descended down with a set of grappling hook and rope. After following the narrow corridor of stone and dirt, we came to an opening.

A burial chamber. With an altar in the middle. I could feel the air closing in on me, stealing my breath, the chill numbing my fingers and my feet. This was no normal soil. The shadows were deeper, clinging onto the walls for a few seconds more when the light hit them. I felt nauseated. This place, was surely desecrated. We inspected the murals and the symbols carved into the altar in the middle, but none of us could find out what they meant. The Neureni, as far as I learned there from the others talking about them, were a different nation of people who invaded Barovia at some time in the long lost past.

We all decided then and there that this place needs to be sealed, and if possible, consecrated.

We were going to turn back to leave... when I felt something. The room darkened, our lanterns flickered. My steps felt heavy as a mist started pooling on the ground before me, right at the entrance to the corridor, before all of us. I adjusted my grip on my sword, and swallowed hard. Whatever was coming, it was not of pure heart.

The mist danced and swirled, as it ascended high. Slowly it darkened, and the outline of a tall man appeared. The mists kept thickening, and the outline took form, shape, and colour. There stood a man of pale skin, with a high quality suit worn over his tall figure, black and well kept hair framing a relatively old, but cunning visage.

When he spoke, I could hear his tone brimming with arrogance, white, sharp, long canine teeth protruding from red lips.

"So, I see the heroes of light are drawn to the darkness, as I am..."

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Re: Journal of Mara Ionas
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The Nightmaster

Later That Day
I held my breath, as others prepared themselves for battle. I could feel their hatred, anger and anxiety fill the air, as this creature of the night stood in front of us all unbothered. I didn't know how to act.

"Vampire!" Arshtat shouted.
"You shall not come a step closer!" Anthaxious exclaimed.

I was, face to face with this monster that I've heard the tales of. A true vampire. I felt some sort of anger and strength build up inside of me, as I tried not to let fear take over me. The people by my side gave me strength. And even though we were deep underground and it was night, I knew my God was with me.

I shouted back at this monster, this dirt on the face of earth and all living creatures. All he did was grin. Our mentions of faith and god, he stood just the same, with.. amusement.

"I am as old as the land you step on, I am more powerful than you can ever dream of... and you think, your puny words and your shiny swords can sway the Nightmaster?"

I was astounded! This cursed being, this wretched beast- how could he have the audacity to speak this way!

From the corner of my eye as I kept my gaze fixed on the beast I could see Sir Anthaxious getting ready to charge forward though he kept speaking, and I was sure Lady Arshtat would follow after. But this thing, the Nightmaster kept his arrogance while he spoke back to us. Right when Sir Anthaxious stepped forward, this coward melted down back into mist and left.

I was shocked and slightly trembling from the encounter. All of my companions were frowning, unsure of what to do, and filled with the heat of a battle yet to happen. We left with haste, and searched the inn grounds but found nothing, except bats flying above our heads in the dark sky, with a bluish tint from the coming dawn. A few hours away, but I wanted it to arrive now, at that moment as we stood outside the inn gates and waited. But nothing came.

After calming down, we hurried back to Vallaki with quickened steps, running even. Anthaxious said we need to meet with someone to talk about this. We arrived in the city by the first lights, (mem. I prayed on the road.) and we made for the Sanctuary of Eternal Dawn. Anthaxious seemed to know the way, and he guided us all upstairs to a room on the right side of the stairs you take from the dining room. He knocked once, then entered.

There stood a man of old age, wearing modest clothes of a Barovian villager yet comfortable enough that he could be on the move anytime. His face was wrinkled lightly with time, possibly around fifty to sixty years old, I am not sure. He seemed to be physically healthy, except the hindrances his age brought him. His expression was kind, a small, welcoming yet worried smile peeking underneath his moustache. His eyes bore a matter of gentleness yet the sparkle within them was bright. In the small room, nothing much personal to him existed except a wooden box on top of the bedside table.

He greeted us all, and we introduced ourselves to him. Petar Blagojevich, is his name. He wasted no time, and came to the subject at hand with haste.

Anthaxious said he is a man we can trust, so he explained all that happened. At the description of the vampire, and the name, Petar's brows furrowed and he grew grim.

"You describe one of the von Khorviches, domn. Once a royal family under the Count, ruling their lands with an iron fist, now monsters in the night. I've spent my life hunting the likes of them, and encountered many of their numbers... if this is truly so, we must make sure they never get what they want from that burial chamber. As you said, a consecration must be done." He reached for the box behind him, and opened its lid.

"These are called the Hands of the Dawn Healer." Inside, a pair of dried and tanned leather gloves gleamed softly. Smell of spice and formaldehyde filled the room. They seemed to be made from actual human hands. Despite their grotesque nature, I couldn't help but feel calm in their presence. "Only a priest can perform the consecration."

All the others turned to me, and Anthaxious asked with hesitation. "Does a Lathanderite count, or must they be from one of the Morninglordians?" The fact that the two were seen as different, hurt me. Petar looked at me and nodded.

"It's only fate that one of his own should wear the hands of Saint Alexi Petrovich."

He gently handed the box to me, and I held it close to my chest. The others swore then and there to protect me as I carried the relic, and Petar warned us that the night is dangerous and we shouldn't take the von Khorviches too lightly. He said to perform the consecration and bring back the relic, at all costs.

"I won't fail you." I said, as my own words surprised me. My confidence was strong. By afternoon, we were out on the road to the Old Inn.

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Re: Journal of Mara Ionás
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The Purification

Continuation of the Earlier Entry
As we followed the Old Svalich Road towards the east for the second time, my companions and I, all of us walked with a sense of duty. I was keeping the box close to my chest and thus was unable to use my weapon, or my shield. Sir Ragnar, Sir Anthaxious and Lady Arshtat, all of them were protectively walking with me, with their weapons unsheathed. As we were passing by Lake Zarovich, the howls of wolves filled my ears. They were too close, and I turned to my right and got terrified. A pack of strong dire wolves, bigger than I've ever seen were coming straight towards us! I staggered backwards as the others took positions in front of me. The battle was bloody, and it was the first time I saw my companions in fight- it was the first battle I've seen up this close! But the knights were capable and strong, and the battle though bloody, was short. The wolves laid on the ground, lifeless.

"It is the first time I've seen alpha wolves here... this is not normal." Arshtat spoke as she cleaned the blood on her sword. The others agreed with her.

We continued forward. Once more, we were attacked by the wildlife. Bears this time! Huge. As if the wildlife itself was twisted with rage. There was no reason for them to attack us, but they did nonetheless. Much to my dislike, all I could do was stand back as the bears clawed at my companions and tried to get to me. The battle ended in a matter of minutes, and no one was harmed. Anthaxious had a few scratches, and I quickly placed a hand on his wounds and prayed over them. Once more, they spoke how bears, 'ancient' bears should not be here. We moved forward.

At this point, we were all sure that these animals were enthralled by someone, possibly the Nightmaster and were coming after us to stop us.  One more battle happened, we faced against bandits and they almost managed to shoot me down. I lost consciousness once but Arshtat saved me. I spent the rest of the battle hiding behind a rock. I hated every second of it but I knew I was keeping the relic safe.

We arrived at the Inn towards sundown and I immediately got to the preparations. The hole to the lower floor needed to be filled up first. While Arshtat was watching over me, Anthaxious and Ragnar went out with shovels to gather dirt. We heard some yells and screams outside, when they came back they were covered in blood but they seemed to be alright. Different kind of wolves attacked them this time, one fueled on hatred and evil, with their gleaming red eyes staring into their souls.

We quickly filled the hole, and I got to work.

Taking out my holy symbols of the Morninglord, I placed them around the soil and sprinkled some of the dirt on them. Statues of the Morninglord (mem. which look sort of different from Lathander's visage, but at the same time too familiar) by the doorsides to keep watch. I took out vials of holy water and drenched the soil with them, making sure every part of it was now soaked.

I opened the lid, and took the Hands of the Dawn Healer out. The tingling feeling on my fingers as I touched them spread some sort of calm and warmth through me all. I glanced up at my companions, and they all nodded at me as they took their positions in front of the doors.

I put the gloves on my hands with care, and then submerged my hands under the soil, gripping the dirt with my fingers.

I started to pray.

"My Lord, for we have brought the light here to vanquish the darkness within this land!

My Lord- you burn in me eternally, I am but a servant in your Grace.

We follow the path you show. Please give me strength, give me courage to cleanse this soil of the evil."

I closed my eyes, my head lowered.
Then I heard the door Anthaxious was standing in front crack. Something, hurling itself onto the door, trying to bring it down. The door slightly deformed under its weight.

"Let them turn and run at your sight, let this power of yours dim the dark blind the monsters."

Another crack. The door was about to give out.

"I touch this soil with my hands in your name and for the sake of the innocents whose blood shall not be spilled."

The door came down with a huge boom, almost throwing Anthaxious back if he hadn't stepped back in time. There stood a monster out of nightmares, a wolf as dark as the night sky bigger than a bear, its red eyes glowing with malice. Its jaw unhinged, white and sharp teeth revealed as saliva dripped down from them, its growls filling the whole room. I didn't lose my concentration, as the wolf charged at Anthaxious and battle began.

I could hear my friends' swords slice open the creature as it howled and groaned, yet it was not dying. I felt bones of my friends get crushed under its paws, its claws slashing open skin and even going through armour.

"Back, vile beast!" Shouted Anthaxious.

"Let your light wash over this soil through me!"

I could hear my friends screaming.

"Let evil perish!

Let me cleanse it!"

With the ending of my prayer, I felt a sudden surge of warmth and power surge through me and leave me from my fingers, feeding the soil underneath. A bright, blinding light exploded in the room, and I heard the wolf scream and writhe with agony and pain. When the light died down, I could see my friends lowering their hands from their eyes to see what just happened. Where this monstrous beast once stood, remained only a pile of ash then. The soil before us gleamed softly, and the light died down after a few seconds.

The consecration was done. I stood up, all of us panting and tired from this. Putting the gloves back into the box, I turned to face my companions.

"Gods, Lady Ionas-" Anthaxious exclaimed. "You did it!"

"If it wasn't for you three, I'd be destroyed by now." I said, as I tried to calm down.

"We shall celebrate, when this is all ove-" was saying Anthaxious, when the thundering sound of bats echoed outside the inn, and we all jerked.

He was out there. Waiting for us to come out. Angry. I could sense it.

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Re: Journal of Mara Ionás
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The Battle Begins

Continuation of the Earlier Entry
We stepped out into the chill night, the moon above gazing down upon us with a threatening glare. At first, we didn't see anything.

The voice of the Nightmaster echoed around us, seemed to be coming from everywhere. We held our holy symbols high, our prayers close.

"Do you think me a fool...?"

He said, hissing. The voice swirled in the air. My head was turning all around to spot him.

"I've fed upon your kind for centuries... me, an immortal. And you think I'd fall for your trappings? You dare take my interest away from me?"

With a strong wind passing through us, I could feel his presence behind us all. I turned to face him and there he stood on the hill by the inn, staring down at us, with a small smirk upon his twisted visage.

I prayed. Others yelled at him, calling him out on his cursed nature.

"Do you think I'd come down and hunt you all...? No." He laughed, it sent shivers down my spine.

"I will first destroy which you love... which you hold the closest... those you hold dear."

I knew he was telling the truth. This was no bluff. We couldn't reach him, and I could see it was frustrating the knights by my side.

"Until nothing is left for you. Then, I shall destroy you. And I shall enjoy every moment of it."

And with that, he disappeared in a flowy breeze of mist and chill."

Late Evening, Same Day
I had to stop writing, for I was called to a meeting by Knight Commander Roland Steele. I will continue now.

After the Nightmaster left, Lady Arshtat said there's something important she needs to share with us but it cannot be here. We went to this inn called Midway Haven, closeby to the Old Inn. Our plan, when dawn comes, get to take the boat to Vallaki and meet Petar. We didn't want to risk the relic by travelling at night, though dawn was close.

At Midway Haven in the meeting room upstairs, Arshtat revealed to us the most unsettling news.

That Count Strahd von Zarovich XI is a vampire. Which explains why all of the von Zarovich counts are named the same, and look too similar. She also said that even in the un-death.. the von Khorviches still serve him.

Being here for this little time was enough to see the Devil Strahd's influence on his people and the lands. And now knowing that he was indeed, one of the nightcreatures we are oathbound to destroy, my turmoil was unbearable. He had everyone under his control, the law, the guards, the peasants and the nobles. He is the Count, after all! But I was hopeful, that we could win. Light always purges evil.

After this with the first light of the Morninglord, we took the boat and arrived in Vallaki once more.
The news we've gotten were just unsettling, and horrifying. Two people, a mother and a child were murdered in a grotesque way, dragged to the back of the Sanctuary of Eternal Dawn. The guards were on the matter.I tried to breach the crowd to get to the bodies but no one would let me. Anthaxious calmly dragged me away from the scene. As he pulled me into the sanctuary to meet Petar, on the outside, I saw the warning written in blood.

"So it begins."

I was shaken, but with the help of others I came back to my senses. A mother and a child! How much more cruel can the monster get! A child, for god's sake- how? How could he? My anger was immeasurable.

We met Petar, and thankfully he was safe. As he saw us, he smiled in relief and exhaled. I told him the consecration was done, and presented him the box. He looked at me in the kindest of ways, and approaching me he gave me a hug. "Doamna, well done." Afterwards he pulled himself back. We explained to him all that's happened and he obviously, was worried.

"This is not good... they hold grudges, those von Khorviches. Lives, yours and others are at stake now. We shall talk more but first, you'll have to get the relic back to Father Boris, in-"

At that moment we were interrupted. A man clad in leather armour and wearing the mask of a jackal, tattoos on his arm and slightly tanned skin just barged in. I'd later find out that he is called 'Fang'. It seemed he was not expecting all of us in the room so he apologized and left, rather hesitantly. I couldn't read him, for his expression was hidden under that mask. Petar locked the door after he left.

"In Krezk. This relic belongs to the Sanctuary of the First Light, and should be taken back there. I've got the stables prepare horses for you! The boat would be quicker yes, but the relic is old and delicate, the humid weather and even a splash of water could ruin its perfect condition."

He turned to me then, and approaching me, he took out his prayer beads from around his neck, putting them in my hand and closed his own over it. "Take these, my child. You are of strong and pure heart, and I will be praying for you. Keep them close." The way he spoke, the way I could feel how much he actually cared, his fatherly tone, made me so emotional. He reminded me of Father Heleon a lot. I nodded, swallowing my emotional state and put the rosy prayer beads around my neck. Touching them, I could feel the Morninglord's blessings on them, and Petar's good wishes. I thanked him, and we left for the stables.

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Re: Journal of Mara Ionás
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The Horse Ride to Krezk

Continuation of the Earlier Entry
The night falling upon us, we mounted our horses and started riding west. At the outskirts especially, we were stopped and watched by a lot of people but we had to hurry past them.

The road, however fast we were, felt like eternity. As the sun descended and disappeared completely, I felt the air of Barovia closing on around me once more. It was as if the land was whispering to me, 'It is the hour of the Devil now. No sun shines here.'

Out in the distance, a pale figure appeared.
A bald man, with pale skin and blackened eyes, wearing a long dark set of robes.
He spoke with a deep Barovian accent.
"I have a message from the Nightmaster..."

He disappeared right after that.
We were attacked quite a lot of times. I do not feel comfortable with going into detail of every battle, but I shall explain.
Those wolves, which have the ability to actually drain one's soul kept appearing out of the woods and attacked us. It wasn't hard to spot them due to their red eyes, but their bodies just merged with the darkness. The closer we got to Krezk, the efforts of the Nightmaster doubled. We started getting attacked by vampires this time! Fledglings, minions and slaves of the Nightmaster, attacking us. This time I had the box strapped onto my back safe and secure, and I was able to contribute in the fighting, as best as I could. We were doing fine, my companions were strong. The Nightmaster's message was clear.

While we were past halfway, we ran into two more people. A wizard woman, white haired and pale, quite beautiful, Eden and that jackal masked man, Fang, from before. They wanted to help us and Eden provided us with protection spells. I believe Fang eavesdropped on our earlier conversation with Petar... but their help was appreciated nonetheless.

It happened then. From the darkness of the woods to my right, suddenly a sword lurched at me and stabbed through me. I felt life slipping away as the sword retreated, and lost consciousness on my horse. I don't know for how long I was out, but when I opened my eyes I was still on top of my horse, and it was Arshtat healing my wounds. I heard Eden's voice as she chanted an enchantment of invisibility upon me. When I came to my senses I realized what had happened, the Nightmaster managed to attack me even though I was in the middle of everyone else.

When me and my mount were invisible, the others kept fighting off the creatures of the night. Then we heard him yell, his voice echoing around us.

"Where is the one called Mara? Stop hiding her!"
He kept sending more and more minions to us. I didn't know what to do, the others made sure I remained invisible.

He appeared then, and striked at Arshtat. But when Arshtat fought back, he escaped. I could see that he was trying to lure me out, make me reveal myself. Arshtat assured me that all is fine and to keep quiet.

We rode, as fast as we could. Reaching the gates of Krezk Outpost, it was still nighttime. The guard at the gates almost didn't let us in, but after a while he was convinced that we wouldn't do any harm to anyone.
Closing the gates, at last, we were safe.

After making sure our frightened horses were alright, and tending to each other's wounds, we waited for dawn. Father Boris arrived with some of his trusted Lightcarriers. I handed the box to him, and he thanked us all. He congratulated us on our actions, and told me that one day, he'd hope to see me amongst the Morninglord church.

He was very sweet, and I said I share the same feelings with him, but did not elaborate on more. He prayed for us all, and then left.

After this... we returned to Vallaki, and reported everything to the Knight Commander on the meeting I mentioned earlier. Petar was also safe and he was happy to know that the relic was safe, but said this is a bigger matter now, if the von Khorviches are indeed waging war on us.

I am so very tired. My thoughts are not straight, I am scared, I am full of hope, in general I am shaken. But if anything is to happen... I now know that I have people to count on.

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Re: Journal of Mara Ionás
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Thoughts and Updates

26th of June, Early Morning
It's after my morning prayers, and I thought this is a good enough time to be writing.
Since yesterday morning after the meeting, the members have been assigned to keep watch at the Old Inn in case of an attack. We're afraid that the von Khorviches might double their efforts to break the consecration and get to the dark power in the burial chamber. I am to go and take brother Verrik's place on today's watch, but not yet. I still have some time to write.

First of all, I want to talk about the Order. They have been very welcoming, and I was surprised at how quickly they accepted me as one of their own. When it became clear that the von Khorviches might target me out of spite, Sir Steele (a harsh, but caring leader) demanded that I'll be kept safe, and all others will travel in pairs. I assume I can take care of myself when prepared, but they didn't really give me a choice. An honorable man, this Roland Steele. Everyone seems to respect him, and I am curious to see more of his decisions and judgements. He is very devoted to his God, Tyr.

On the von Khorviches and this.. Barovia.
I've been feeling better today, though my turmoil continues. I don't think I've fully embraced the fact that I won't be able to go home soon, or maybe ever. Waking up and praying alone instead of with the clergy disturbs me, and saddens me. However, I know that this Barovia and her people are in grave danger, and are in need of help. Perhaps that's why I was... brought here. I'd like to believe there's a higher meaning to all this.

On the Morninglord faith in Barovia.
I am studying the dogma of the Morninglord and watching Father Ilie and Sister Lizuca. Borrowing a few books, I at the moment have my own thesis, but before I decide to write it down I want to make certain of my thoughts. I do not want to commit heresy.

As I was taking a stroll in the outskirts towards early evening last day, I've met a woman of faith called Kelira of Krows. Her god I am not familiar with. She looked to be more of a warrior than a priestess, and the way she spoke.. was interesting. Brown eyes, bronze skin, wearing a full plate and carrying a greataxe, she was surely intimidating. When she spoke she had this air of... no, not arrogance, but.. as if she didn't care. Not in a nonchalant way either! Her seriousness and maturity is well kept, but I believe she does not openly possess sincere emotions for others, which could be a result of her warrior upbringing. However! She's open to giving me some training on using my maul effectively. The Order will as well, but her abilities are more akin to mine and I expect faster results. With the situation we are all in, fast results are the best results.

Now I shall go and relieve Verrik of his duty, and join Sir Fermar's side on the watch. I pray to Lathander that nothing unfortunate will come to us.

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Re: Journal of Mara Ionás
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The Confrontation

The Night That Ties the 26th and the 27th of June
I am about to fall asleep, and the only thing that's keeping my exhausted mind awake is the horrors I've faced today.

After my morning entry, I did as I mentioned. Gathering all my equipment, I left the Chapter house of the Order of the Holy Judgement and began on my trek to the Old Inn. I knew I only had to follow the Old Svalich Road to the east, and having the sun above shining on me gave me a new kind of courage to travel alone.

On the way, I was attacked by wolves. These didn't seem to be under the influence of anyone, but they were persistent and vicious on their attacks. I barely survived. Even the day here, is not safe.

I arrived at the Old Inn towards afternoon, and found Verrik and Fermar keeping guard at the gates to the courtyard of the building. They had built fences, and a small wooden hut to sleep in.

I relieved Verrik from his watch and took my place next to Sir Fermar. We spoke about Barovia, and our duties for the people of these lands in general. I will write down what I told him, I pray for a world where Orders like ours, are not needed.

The day passed by quietly. We both were lightly exhausted, and I knew Sir Fermar hasn't slept yet but he stubbornly kept on. As night fell, the air grew cold, despite it being summer. Summer here, didn't feel like summer anyways.

We stood more vigilant. This was my first guard duty, ever. I was tired from standing straight all day, and was leaning on my maul. Sir Fermar, with the discipline of a warrior was still tall.

The night, became quiet after a while. At first I did not notice it. You never notice how unsettling silence can be. I don't mean normal silence. Silence, in a sense that there are no birds chirping. No wind howling in the distance, no ruffling of leaves. It felt as if the whole world was... dead. Only my breaths and Sir Fermar's now audible. When we both noticed the silence, we stopped speaking.

Then, in that silence, faint voices... ghostly whispers echoing from away. The darkness around deepening, and the whispers getting louder. Closer. I picked my maul off the ground and held it up defensively.
Sir Fermar held up his shield and his sword, and took a step forward.

"Sir- don't leave the inn grounds!" I yelled, knowing that no undead cannot enter the inn grounds.
Then a sudden crash, with skin and bone cracking and exploding-
I looked to my right, and see a corpse, a villager's, thrown onto the spikes of the barricade fence we had built. Blood had splashed onto me and onto the floor. The body was torn with many spikes, its lifeless, whitened eyes staring at me. It was thrown with such force, from such far away.

I let out a scream, and looked at Ander. He was focused on something else, something far more horrible. The man from the other day, the bald, pale, robed man... he was staring at us both, just a few meters away. He grinned, revealing his canine teeth, much like a terrible monster's. His black veins, as if his skin was transparent, apparent on the surface.

"You!" I gasped.

Sir Fermar yelled, with a booming voice. "This place be under the protection of the Order of the Holy Judgement! Your exploits here be at an end!"

I yelled. "Sir Fermar, this one is one of the minions of the Nightmaster! Step back, please!"

"The Nightmaster..." the creature said coldly.
"He is one master amongst many.. no, I am not his minion cultist."

Sir Ander yelled at him, threatening to destroy him.
The monster laughed.
 "You think we have no purpose, don't you? You think us mere beasts... that will be your folly."
He raised one pale hand, and directed it towards Ander. His cold, dead visage now carried a blood curdling grin.

Ander screamed, then froze in his place, trembling and shaking. Blood shot out from his mouth. I yelped and ran to his side, trying to help him. His blood was sizzling, as if boiling from the inside, he couldn't move.

"Even the blood in your veins is my ally."
The creature turned his hand to the barricade, and shattered it with its sheer willpower. And took a step forward towards me.
"And you..." I held my maul up, grabbing it tight, ready to swing. I couldn't let myself fall to horror! Though it was taking me over, and I took a step back towards the inn so the vampire couldn't reach me. Not physically, at least. I couldn't help Ander.

"You follow this fool into the Old Noapte?"

"I follow him, because I- I know he'll be at my side to bring light into the night!" My voice shaking, I stared right into the vampire's lifeless eyes.

"My Mistress has taken an interest in you... tell me, what is your name, doamna?"

"Your interest, disgusts me! I am Mara Ionas, and I swear to be your enemy forever." Gritting my teeth to stop my voice from trembling. Ander was struggling to break free from the vampire's spell.
He approached further, coming too close.

"I am Grigori von Khorvich... and-" His speech was interrupted by another voice, another figure appearing from the darkness. A stern one, yet, bored.

"Grigori, enough with these fools." A man, considerably handsome with once again black hair and a well tailored suit stood there. I could see Grigori get frustrated, for some reason.
"What do you want, Marko?" Grigori asked, his attention turned to this new vampire named Marko.

"The Nightmaster has forwarded his plans. We move tonight." Marko said, somehow overpowering Grigori, as if he was of higher rank...

Grigori let out a sigh. Behind him, in the distance, I could see two figures denying the dark and shining, approaching us. Sir Roland, and Gracerath.

Marko beckoned Grigori, and he turned to look at me one last time.
"We will meet again, warriors of the holy judgement." He said, mockingly.
Then they both disappeared, turning into mists.

Grigori's spell over Ander broke, and he fell forward. I managed to catch him, as Sir Roland and Gracerath joined us. Roland stared after the mists, then asked us what happened. I took care of Ander, making sure he had no wounds, while telling what happened in a shaken state.

We immediately returned to the Chapter House. Their plan, whatever it is, doesn't involve the Old Inn anymore.

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Re: Journal of Mara Ionás
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The Missing People

27th of June - After Dawn
Petar, came to visit us in the Chapter House today before dawn. I was so relieved to see him safe, as he approached my side and gave me a hug. For some reason, I feel this closeness with this man. It could be his fatherly approach to us all, perhaps... He was happy to see me safe, too.

He gave us some valuable information. He said that he's an old man, and has spent his life hunting monsters, not anymore. But, he can still pass on his wisdom to us.

He said that he spoke to Sergeant Kozhurov (mem. Sergeant of the Vallaki Guards) and for the past nights as we kept guard at the Old Inn, seven people have gone missing! Left nothing but blood behind. We understood now that the Old Inn was merely a distraction to get us away. To fill their ranks, said Petar. To replenish their numbers. For what, we are yet to find out.

The kidnappings all occurred in either the Market District or the Residential District of Vallaki, save the inital attack, the mother and the child. But that was but a message.

Their leader is a rumour, but apparently he is someone called the Dark Father. This family through their cunning manipulation or by force, has many human spies and agents that do their bidding. Their crest, a black sickle and a wolf over a red shield. These spies bear a signet ring of this crest, and can be identified through that.

Blood magic.. they are potent in blood magic, and know how to use it well. We knew that already, though... through Grigori.

Petar says that they must be hunting close to their coven, otherwise transportation could be hard. So we assume their coven, their lair, is within Vallaki somewhere. We will be starting investigations as fast as possible.

I am, after all this, exhausted. I still haven't gotten enough sleep. Arshtat told me to go to bed, and that she'd wake me up later in the day.


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Re: Journal of Mara Ionás
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The Mountain Trek

28th of June - Early Morning
It's been a quiet day, yesterday. Quiet, in a sense that no dead, no attacks. But I was occupied with tasks and training.

Sir Ragnar has been helping me quite a lot in how to fight effectively against undead. I can wield my maul more confidently, yet not enough. Will it ever feel enough?

A friend of Sir Roland, called 'Red', bless him, has provided us all with platinum equipment! Free of charge, too. He hadn't asked for a dime, and was fast to provide them. I cannot be thankful enough. I feel safer.

I had some time to think while I spent most of the day picking necessary herbs and cutting down trees. My anger grew with each.

Nine people. Seven of them, stolen and converted. Two, killed. All innocent villagers. Cursed now, forced to be their slaves for all eternity, their souls in agony and in chains... unless, we get to them. Unless we free their spirits. Unless, we put an end to this. There can be more, many more. The night is bountiful and free for them to roam. Humans, weak enough to fall for their charms and spells. Why wouldn't they seek out more slaves?

My fear, is turning to anger. And that to ambition. I will, by all means, fight on. Won't fall for their threats. Won't lose hope. There is always another dawn. And we, have advantage. If we manage to find their coven, it is all over for them.

Lady Arshtat is calling for me now, I can hear her yelling from the door. We are to go out training, and exploring. There's apparently another Neureni ruin in the mountains, and even though the inn was possibly a distraction, we should check the place nonetheless.

29th of June - Before Dawn
Once more. Once more we've been attacked. We had to retreat back to the Chapter House, their numbers were too great.

After writing my latest entry today, I went out to join Lady Arshtat and brother Mikeal on the investigation. The trek took long, and the weather got colder the more we climbed Mount Ghakis.

This place, as Arshtat explained, is swarmed by men from Invidia all the time to discover treasures, yet the undead, the dead of the Neureni keep rising to fight them. She said to expect much battle.

As we got closer, night fell. I couldn't see my surroundings well enough, and the frosty air was not making it any easier. We started looking for the path that leads down to a small grove then the cave of this place, but we just couldn't find it. Roaming mindlessly in the mountains, trying to find it, it was almost midnight. The long walk and this trek were starting to tell on me, my legs were giving out. I was not used to wearing my full plate armour for this long of a time.

As we were still looking for the path, I felt the presence of something. I could feel a pair of eyes on me, staring, judging, examining. It made me shiver, and I, panicking, started looking around. The others must've felt the same too, for they were now on guard. I lifted my chin up, squinted, the heavy and fast paced wind slapping my face and I saw him.

Marko von Khorvich. Up on the hill, with his arms folded, staring down at us. Even in that misty, frosty weather, his red glowing eyes were sharp and bright.

"What have we here?... Searching for something, are we?"

All of us were ready to just charge at him. I am not as brave as my comrades, my human heart fails me sometimes, yet I could find courage by their side.

"It was a clever plan now, wasn't it? You have to give us that... we made you protect that inn, while we comfortably moved on with our plans..." He chuckled, enjoying himself.

"Turning them all into your kind? Ruining the lives of innocents? You disgust me!" I screamed up at him.
Mikeal, seeing that I was angry and was lashing out, inched his way in front of me protectively in case Marko decided to attack.

"We will never let you get to her!" Shouted Arshtat.

"The Nightmaster... let's say... has many interests. She's merely one of them." Marko explained, rolling his eyes.
"The Old Inn was one of them. But that can wait. Those places, many of them exit. And they'll remain, long after your armour is rusted, and your forms are turned to dust."

"Good will strike you down, purge you from these lands!" Yelled Mikeal.

"Only the living suffer the delusion of faith. Here I stand before you, a true god. You'd be wise to just kneel and beg to join our family, really."

"You are nothing bu filth on the face of this earth!" I exclaimed, ready to charge forward.

His eyes turned on me, and he grinned. As if he was expecting that answer. Wanted to hear that.

"Then we shall take you by force."

It all happened so very quickly then. Wolves of night and dark flanked us, attacking from behind. Marko disappeared from our field of vision, and we were left alone with his minions.

The fight was brutal. The wolves were strong, they did not yield. If they did, more would come. We fought as much as we could but noticed we are not enough, they are overpowering us, and decided to retreat. As we ran, they kept on coming. Vampire spawns, fledglings, sorcerers were added to the whole bunch. Blood covered each of us' armours now, as we ran and swung at the same time. We had to get to the Chapter House. Call it however you might, perhaps we indeed ran like cowards. But I fear dying at the hands of them, would not just be death. We were face to face with being one of their slaves if we failed, so we had to survive.

Fighting our way, clearing the road, we managed to get to the Chapter House. They slowed down, and for a moment we thought we were safe. Nothing seemed to be around. Arshtat searched her bags to find the door key, while Mikeal was heavily knocking.

Then from the darkness, Marko attacked. He striked me, and landed quite the blow. It wasn't the bleeding wound that hurt, however, for I felt my breath being stolen, my being, my own very soul being drained. Before he could do more, Arshtat managed to hurt him so very badly in one swing, he had to retreat, dissipating into mist.

We entered the Chapter House, burnt out, panting, all covered in blood and wounded.

It is an hour after now, and I am in bed writing all this after treating my wounds and cleaning myself. There was nothing else we could do at that moment but retreat. I felt so helpless, so powerless. I need to get stronger.. not for me, no. If I die, that's quite alright. But I cannot let others die in my stead. They protect me with all they have, but I need to deserve that. I do not. Not yet.

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Re: Journal of Mara Ionás
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The Stranger in the Night

The Night That Ties the 29th and the 30th of June
I've spent the last day studying with Lady Arshtat. We have visited a woman called Lyra, a sweet, lovely woman. Arshtat says she has studied in the University of Port-a-Lucine, (mem. I'm not familiar with the place.) and she would perhaps be able to answer some of our questions on the Neureni.

Well, she did. We learned that the Neureni worshipped a god of death, possibly a demon being that masquerades as a god. The general conversation was full of information, not related to our cause however. Apparently something lies underneath Mount Ghakis. A demon, an evil being, perhaps a god. More research needed.

Then at night time, we started patrolling in the city. In case of another attack. We quite could've been attacked ourselves, but the well-being of others comes more important, and we didn't want to hide in our Chapter House while somebody could be getting abducted outside.

It was silent, mostly. Then, a man, quite over 6'5 feet tall with dark, shoulder length hair, tanned skin appeared. His height was the only thing that was unusual about him, save for his height and his.. courageous choice of being out at night. His clothes, donned black and brown, his teeth crooked. Though nothing seemed weird.. something was off about this man. I offered him to escort him back to his home, told him the night is dangerous. He merely ignored the comment. Lady Arshtat decided to question him on why he was out at night. Asked him to show his fingers, in case of a ring. He didn't have any.

We asked his name, and he introduced himself as Kadar. He knew who we are already. And said that he also knows who is hunting us. And said he might be of help. We had our weapons out, not exactly for him but due to the patrol, and he must've felt.. offended. He acted a bit aggressively then.

Sir Roland came down the path afterwards. He apologized for our aggressive behaviour. Kadar accepted the apology, and told Roland that he'd seek him out.

He left then.

We spent the rest of the hours patrolling, and came back, thankfully without another occurence.

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Re: Journal of Mara Ionás
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The Blackpaw & Neuri Attacks

2nd of July, Early Morning
I have come with unsettling news once more. Yesterday at late evening, I had been patrolling the city streets, thankfully no problems occured. That morning, during my visit to the outskirts temple of the Morninglord, I had heard of such vicious attacks, I couldn't believe my ears. While we were all busy with these vampires, this.. wolf, a huge black werewolf, with his pack has been attacking the city walls, the forest, the outskirts. Guards have been killed, people have been eaten. It was truly disturbing. They said that this wolf is named Blackpaw, a reoccuring curse on Vallaki. Many have tried to hunt it down before, either gave up or... died.

I visited this Elven enclave, Degannwy, at late evening after my city patrol to explore, to learn more about my surroundings. The elves were welcoming and warm. I spent quite some time there, an hour or two, and decided to leave as it was getting close to midnight. I admit, it is stupid to walk around at night, and I was thinking of perhaps heading back inside until sunrise when I stood at the gates of Degannwy, watching the road. Then I heard howling. Followed by screams.

I, with immediate haste ran to the source of the sound, which was perhaps a hundred or two hundred meters away from the gates. There I found a party of adventurers. Half of them were wounded, the other half tending to them. Kelira, the warrior priestess I had met before was amongst them. As I approached them and started to ask them about what had happened, I barely had time to process the word "werewolf attack" before we were attacked from all sides. Powerful lycanthropes, charging at us with full speed. I wielded my weapon and struck at the first one coming my way.

It was a short and blood filled battle. Screaming, shouting, howling. The creatures were too strong, unyielding. Kelira, being the strongest of us all was fighting with all her might. I felt my breastplate slide with the power of one strong paw, its straps flew open, broken, and the claws sliced open my flesh. I lost consciousness.

When I had woken up we were still in the same place. A lot had fallen, and the survivors were getting them back on their feet. Healing magic was scarce. We had fallen ones, as well. We were, apparently saved by an elven ranger from Degannwy, Tinu. In my broken state, I couldn't understand much. Tinu led us all into the enclave, and said we'll all be safe in Degannwy.

We tended to our wounded, the fallen were brought back thanks to the priestess of Degannwy. The gates were closed shut, rangers were put on its each side to watch the road.

Then it happened. An eight, nine feet tall werewolf, its fur black as night attacked the gates. The rangers released their arrows, this beast merely shook them off, and continued its attempt to break down the gates. Its eyes glinted with pure cruelty and.. intelligence. This was no mindless beast roaming the forests.

I was stunned, watching the scene, the horrible thought of what would happen if the gates broke. Tinu assured that they would not. But what if... and another booming sound from the gates. I looked around me, seeing all these adventurers, warriors, ready to fight a battle that in our hearts we knew we wouldn't win.

The beast laughed then. The laugh, turned into a howl. And it left.

We were safe. It had either grown bored, or... found an easier prey. The howls from the forest retreated to their nooks and dens.

We spent the rest of the night, until dawn was close, in Degannwy. Shaken and traumatised from all that had happened. Then returned to Vallaki safely.

When I had returned, I was told by the others that Petar had given us a set of books written by a man called Van Richten, that will be of much help. I should study them, after getting some rest, just a few hours. I will need to write a report on this as well.

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