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Author Topic: Area instability Western outskirts village of Bavoria and vallaki by bee keeper  (Read 981 times)


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I seem to always crash in the middle of the map of these two places. I have tried re-doing my settings up and down, completely low, no sound, redone Haks and so forth as others have said in the past. However I don't crash at the trans it is always in the middle of the map and during the day.

It seems there might be a flavor text in this area that is supposed to trigger on entry and so when I am standing on it it crashes me. I can't reload to do anything until day night change as I said.

Any ideas?



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Reload the hak

Scratch that you've already tried it.

Those areas and the map south of the bee keeper seem to have a tendency to trigger crashes for some people.
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Maybe a re-install of NWN will help?

Seen similar problems before and gamewise re-doing of the haks should help, normally.
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Are you using any overrides?

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I ended up reloading all the haks and that worked.

thanks all for the help and comments.