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Re: Native PCs - Family NPCs
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The Savulescu Family of Immol
Family of the PC: Violeta Savulescu

Name: Martin Savulescu
Relation to PC: Grandfather, age 69
NPC Location: Immol
Describe the NPC (less than 100 words): Patriarch of the Savulescu family he was originally from Vallaki where he served in the Garda in his youth. He was honorably discharged from a short stint of being enlisted after losing his left shin in an incident with Gundarakite rebels and black powder he moved to Immol where he started the trade house. Despite his time in the guard he is known for being a kind man by barovian standards and is generally well liked by those who know him. He has earned the nickname "The Friendly Grey Lion of Immol" on account of his large mane of grey hair he has.

Name: Mădălina Savulescu
Relation to PC: Grandmother, age 67
NPC Location: Immol
Describe the NPC (less than 100 words): A kindly grandmotherly figure, she met Martin after he moved to Immol. A quiet and kind old quarter Rashemi woman, her grandmother being an escaped slave from neighboring Hazlan. Enjoys sewing and is known in Immol for making the warmest winter scarfs. Beyond this she keeps mostly to herself in her advanced adge.

Name: Gheorghe Savulescu
Relation to PC: Father, age: 45
NPC Location: Immol
Describe the NPC (less than 100 words): A tall Barovian man with dark hair and green eyes. Runs the Savulescu Trade House near the Hazlani border, a small trading house of marginal success. As the oldest son he inherited this from his father Martin and has managed to maintain enough coin to keep his family in minimal comfort. A hard working man with a great love for his family but detests having to deal with the rare traveling Mulan though he is known for having a great "customer service face and attitude" when dealing with them publicly.

Name: Eliza Savulescu
Relation to PC: Mother, age: 49
NPC Location: Immol
Describe the NPC (less than 100 words): A portly Barovian woman who enjoys keeping her hair in pretty braids. With her husband Gheorghe she had two children, the oldest being the 23 year old Violeta. She tried to convince Violeta to not travel and aid in the west but was eventually talked in to it by Gheorghe. Eliza comes from a wealthy Barovian trading family though was the youngest of the daughters. Her family does not care for her children or husband's family.

Name: Cosmina Savulescu
Relation to PC: Aunt, age 47
NPC Location: Village of Barovia
Describe the NPC (less than 100 words): The eldest of Martin's children, Cosmina moved to the Villiage of Barovia where she works as a baker. Keeps friends with the halflings that live in the area.

Name: Sebastian Savulescu
Relation to PC: Uncle, age 42
NPC Location: Immol
Describe the NPC (less than 100 words):The Youngest of Martin's children, Sebastian is a fisher with three children of his own. Much more accepting of the rare Mulan visitor to Immol than his brother, the family rumor is that he converted to the lawgiver faith and wants to run the trade house over his brother. He keeps his face with large sideburns and impressive mustache.
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