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Re: Native PCs - Family NPCs
« Reply #175 on: May 25, 2021, 09:25:25 PM »
PC Name: Gautseshen
Gautseshen's mother committed a serious crime and fled its consequences, leaving her alone to carry out the sentence. Always the odd duck or black sheep of her family, Gautseshen went missing as she blossomed into adulthood, and her family did not try very hard to find her.

NPC Name: Sitre
Relation to PC: Birth mother (missing)
NPC Location: Somewhere outside of Muhar
Occupation: Musician / thief

Describe the NPC: The family black sheep, a beautiful Akiri woman who let her looks get to her head. Rumors that her marriage was unfaithful were proven right when she bore a clearly adulterous child, Gautseshen. Sitre's domestic unhappiness finally came to a head when she ran off with a band of criminals after helping them steal a tomb relic, leaving behind her only daughter to serve the crime's sentence out--and according to some, leaving her with the tomb's curse as well. Sitre was never seen again, though occasionally she is remembered with bawdy drinking house jests.

NPC Name: Iu-Amun
Relation to PC: Mother's husband (deceased)
NPC Location: Muhar
Occupation: Scribe

Describe the NPC: A meek man who Sitre easily pushed around, he won her marriage through virtue of his fairly respectable wealth. His wife's flirting and later adultery took a hard toll on him, and in the early years of Gautseshen's youth he turned to excessive drinking. Eventually his throat was slit on the side of the road when a thief took advantage of his drunken state.

NPC Name: Mutemhab
Relation to PC: Aunt (mother's side), adoptive mother
NPC Location: Muhar
Occupation: Musician

Describe the NPC: After Gautseshen served out her mother's sentence of several years of slavery, Mutemhab reluctantly took in the abandoned waif. Mutemhab was a strict and sometimes cruel woman, all the harsher for Gautseshen's deformities or adulterous heritage. She put Gautseshen to work as her apprentice immediately, and her harshness was ever present during the girl's working hours. Mutemhab primarily performed at funerals, and Gautseshen with her.

NPC Name: Sethnakte
Relation to PC: Cousin, adoptive brother
NPC Location: Muhar
Occupation: Guard

Describe the NPC: A product of his parents' harsh upbringing, Sethnakte is a lazy fighter with a cruel streak. He has worked as a guard for various employers and lives comfortably due to the decent dowry his wife provided. These days he provides for his mother, but in Gautseshen's youth he suffered at Mutemhab's hand just as much. He was disgusted by his deformed "sibling" and often took out his frustrations on her alongside his friends. These days he is fond of gambling.

NPC Name: Mokhtar
Relation to PC: First cousin once removed / adoptive nephew
NPC Location: Muhar
Occupation: Apprentice priest / acolyte of Osiris

Describe the NPC: The firstborn son of Sethnakte, little Mokhtar is as meek and nervous as his father is thuggish and cruel. After the passing of his late mother, he finds himself without a skirt to hide behind and is struggling in his studies. He does not remember Gautseshen well, knowing only that when he was very young the family kept him away from the new black sheep.

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Re: Native PCs - Family NPCs
« Reply #176 on: May 25, 2021, 09:45:57 PM »
Jaspar Espivant

NPC name: Edme Espivant
Relation to PC: Mother
NPC Location: Ouvrier

An aging, stubborn and proud woman. Raised Jaspar alone working in Bellegarde factories. Had aspired to sing on stage but never had an opportunity or time to pursue the dream. Despite Jaspar constantly trying to persuade her to move out of Ouvrier, she refuses, unwilling to abandon her home. Jaspar visits her regularly and is extremely protective of her, something that often irritates the woman.

NPC name: Tanaka Nakanao
Relation to PC: Father
NPC Location: Unknown

A sailor from Rokushima Taiyoo. Sired Jaspar and promptly abandoned Edme. Jaspar doesn't know his name as Edme refuses to speak of the man.


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Re: Native PCs - Family NPCs
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Robin Moreau
NPC Name: Xavier Moreau
Relation to PC: Father
Location: Unknown

A short and wiry man from Richemulot, Xavier was a student at the University of Dementlieu when he met Evelyne. On discovering that he was to be a father, he married her and decided to stay in Dementlieu when he couldn't convince her to go to Richemulot with him. Over the years he would make numerous trips back to his homeland, one of which he never returned from.

NPC Name: Evelyne Moreau
Relation to PC: Mother (Deceased)
Location: N/A

A kindly woman and a devout adherent to the Third Revelation, Evelyne often took Robin with her to Fifth Day services as he grew. A bit disappointed at first when she found her son wasn't inclined toward art, she quickly grew relieved to find that he took after his father in his love for learning. Through the years, she would brush off her husband's tales of the supernatural, explaining them as stories to entertain. When her husband did not return, she took on a much heavier workload that would lead to her passing at the young age of forty.
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Re: Native PCs - Family NPCs
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Kaazimir Dvornikov

Spoiler: show
NPC Name: Maagnhild Dvornikov
Relation to PC: Biological Mother (Deceased)
NPC Location: Buried in Bergovitsa, Nova Vaasa
Occupation: Merchants Daughter

Describe the NPC: Maagnhild Dvornikov was the wife of Vegaar Dvornikov and mother of Kaazimir Dvornikov. Maagnhild gave birth to seven children but only six had the opportunity to call her 'mother'. It was said she had a kind and caring nature and held on to the things she held most dear. Maagnhild was married to Vegaar as a means of helping elevate her family: The Trygstaad mercantile family. Maagnhild was the only daughter of the Trygstaads. It is only through her children can the families live on. Maagnhild died giving birth to Kaazimir Dvornikov.
NPC Name: Vegaar Dvornikov
Relation to PC: Biological Father
NPC Location: Bergovitsa, Nova Vaasa
Occupation: Merchant and Head of Dvornikov family

Describe the NPC: Vegaar is the current head of the Dvornikov family. Always a miserly man; he became worse as he grew older. Everything was weighed by gain for Vegaar. At some point he decided that not even his children were worth his valuable coins. Vegaar did not hesitate to hand over an infant Kaazimir to the Citadel Fane in Bergovitsa. Seeing the new born as only a financial liability. The rest of the children received worse. Despite having wealth they would receive little to nothing. For Vegaar, his children were merely pawns in his plan to stay above the laboring class. While his plans succeeded in keeping him above; he would never rise beyond. Much to his torment he would be forever trapped beneath the shadows of the ruling class. Despite being a crippled old man bound to his chair, Vegaar exhibits a cunning that has kept his 'ungrateful' children and their 'grubby paws' in check. Vegaar holds very little love; but plenty of contempt for his children. Vegaar hates Kaazimir the most and blames him for the death of his wife. In Vegaar's will Kaazimir is mentioned at the very end stating that he would only receive inheritance if no others could. Vegaar has not seen his son Kaazimir since the fateful day he handed him over to the Citadel Fane.
NPC Name: Øistein Dvornikov
Relation to PC: Eldest Brother (First of the Dvornikov Children)
NPC Location: Bergovitsa, Nova Vaasa
Occupation: Merchant

Describe the NPC: Øistein was the first son of Vegaar and it comes as no surprise that he is first in line to be called heir to the Dvornikov family wealth and business. Despite being the favorite out of the seven children; Øistein took his fair share of belittlement from his father. Constantly living in his shadow trying to be the best son and business partner he can be while being completely unappreciated for his efforts. Nevertheless, Øistein tries and labors. It is only by the faith of the Lawgiver does he even consider that rewards await him one day. Øistein has never formally met Kaazimir; however he has attended the Citadel fane many a time and has tried to find him.
NPC Name: Kaarina Aaker
Relation to PC: Eldest Sister (Second of the Dvornikov Children)
NPC Location: Kantora, Nova Vaasa
Occupation: Married member of the Dvornikov family

Describe the NPC: Kaarina is the first daughter of the Dvornikov family. It was not easy being the first Dvornikov daughter as there was very high expectations set. After all, when the time would come she would be married off into another family of wealth as a means of expanding Vegaar's reach. Kaarina always had a curious and inquisitive nature. While Vegaar disapproved of educating Kaarina, it was by her mother Maagnhild's wishes and dying requests that she continue to be educated. When Kaarina came of age she was married to a man belonging to another merchant family: The Aaker family. Despite being displeased in her fathers choice in husband, Kaarina welcomed an escape from the Dvornikov house hold. Kaarina detested her father and his very apathetic nature. While her husband may be an idiot, he is a controllable idiot that she can more than handle. Kaarina has never met Kaazimir but is aware that he exists.
NPC Name: Gudmund Dvornikov
Relation to PC: Older Brother (Third of the Dvornikov Children; Deceased)
NPC Location: Bergovitsa, Nova Vaasa
Occupation: Merchant

Describe the NPC: Gudmund was the third child and second son of the Dvornikov family. A frail man who took a great interest in his studies growing up. Gudmund was absolutely fascinated with science, astrology, and the world around him. Though he too was eager to take over the family business perhaps a little too eager. In the year 762 Gudmund was found dead in the woods. Multiple stab wounds, disembowelment, and hanging. Gudmunds death was declared a murder; however the murderer was never to be found. Gudmund never met Kaazimir but was aware that a brother of his was sent away at birth.
NPC Name: Niklaas 'Crooked Nick' Dvornikov
Relation to PC: Older Brother (Fourth of the Dvornikov Children)
NPC Location: Bergovitsa, Nova Vaasa
Occupation: Merchant/Criminal

Describe the NPC: The fourth child of Vegaar and Maagnhild was perhaps the most unfortunate of them all. Niklaas came out of the womb sickly and grotesque, and yet he was no caliban. Niklaas' stood hunched over with a large brow and a slightly misshapen jaw. The mans nose was stunted and turned up, and his eyes were large. It was his hideousness that lead to him being the most walked over of the Dvornikov children. Ridiculed in school, ridiculed at home, and by his father; life was difficult for Niklaas. It infuriated him when he had heard he was at the near bottom of Vegaar's will. The only one below him is Kaazimir who is considered so distant from the family that he may as well not be family. Niklaas despite his offensive yet weak and harmless appearance was truly neither. At night Niklaas would join the crowd of criminals when he wasn't working in the back storage rooms of the family. Among them he was known as 'Crooked Nick'.  Using his underworld ties, Niklaas has been plotting against Vegaar, Øistein, Gudmund, and Jørgen for years. It is only a misfortune for him that most of his plans have failed. The only ones who have sympathized for Niklaas were his two sisters but even they were unnerved by his appearance. Niklaas has never met Kaazimir and does not think much of him; infact he questions if Kaazimir was even real or if Vegaar actually murdered Maagnhild and was using the tale of an infant sent to the fane as a means of covering up the 'murder' of his mother. Niklaas hates Vegaar the most out of all the Dvornikov children.
NPC Name: Jørgen Dvornikov
Relation to PC: Older Brother (Fifth of the Dvornikov Children)
NPC Location: Bergovitsa, Nova Vaasa
Occupation: Merchant

Describe the NPC: Jørgen was gifted with a silver tongue and handsome face. Though this came at a heavy price. Hardly competent in his studies, and easily distracted. Jørgen is considered the 'dumb' one. Though despite his lack of intellect he would be a well accomplished salesman and always had a woman in his arms. Handsome, masculine, and strong. Jørgen would have been the favorite of the brood if he didn't have such a tendency to pull the family into trouble. Often times it is other siblings who have to help him out of unfortunate situations with just about anyone. Jørgen has been married three times and constantly finds himself in trouble balancing his families. It was his 'tomfoolery' that Vegaar decided he would be just above Niklaas when it came to a family inheritance. Jørgen has never met Kaazimir, forgets he's even been told about Kaazimir, and the few times he remembers he has a younger brother out there somewhere he thinks his name is Knut.
NPC Name: Maargot Dvornikov
Relation to PC: Youngest Sister (Sixth of the Dvornikov Children)
NPC Location: Bergovitsa, Nova Vaasa
Occupation: Bachelorette

Describe the NPC: Maargot is the second youngest of all the Dvornikov children. Unmarried and distressed constantly. Maargot wants to be married so she can escape the Dvornikov household and acquire a new life. Maargot is a vain woman constantly looking for a husband in order to fulfill her goals. Vegaar sees her as a disappointment since none wish to wed her and she remains unmarried. Of all the children remaining in the Dvornikov house; Maargot is most sympathetic and kind to Niklaas. In turn Niklaas insists that Maargot is much like their mother in both appearance and demeanor. Maargot was too young to remember Kaazimir and has never met him. While she disregards Niklaas' conspiracy theory about their father having actually murdered their Mother Maagnhild; deep down she believes it is skeptical.
NPC Name: Klaus Naas
Relation to PC: Adoptive Father
NPC Location: Bergovitsa, Nova Vaasa
Occupation: Retired Gudkaedes and Clergy with Bergovitsa Citadel Fane

Describe the NPC: The most outstanding of all of Kaazimir's father figures growing up in the Citadel Fane. Klaus was a grizzled old warrior who held both his men and young Kaazimir at a high military standard. Everything the travelling Gudkaedes learned came from Klaus. Klaus was careful and strict in his raising and training of young Kaazimir. Holding him to incredibly high standards but also giving him a loving push from time to time. Though he never showed how much he truly cared for Kaazimir. Klaus held it a secret that he could not have children on his own and saw Kaazimir as his only opportunity to raise a son. To this day, Kaazimir and Klaus still communicate through written letter.


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Re: Native PCs - Family NPCs
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PC name: Joslyn Morisway (NCE)

Spoiler: show

NPC Name: Humphrey Morisway
Relation to PC: Grandfather
Location: Pairdon, Zhestria

Born in 696, Humphrey is barely fit to run the family duties as Duke. He spends most of his days in his comfy chair in his study reading and belittling the servants of the family estate. Bald, wrinkly and fat he needs assistance with most physical activities he does.

NPC Name: Burgess Morisway
Relation to PC: Father
Location: Paridon, Zhestria

Born in 731, Burgess is the eldest of the duke's sons. A skilled alchemist, Burgess even studied abroad and graduated from the Faculty of Arcane Sciences at the University of Dementlieu.  He is rarely seen without his top hat covering his dark brown hair or eccentrically designed suits. He is a strict man with high expectations of his family and has taken over running the family's affairs. Burgess during his time in Dementlieu developed a fondness for croquet, having tried to teach his children a love for it. It has had mixed results.

NPC Name: Imogen Morisway
Relation to PC: Mother
Location: Paridon, Zhestria

A distant and aloof woman. She was around the house for her children but left most of the raising to the Nannys. Imogen was more concerned with living her own life seeing her children more as obligations to keep the old Morisway name going. Despite nearing her 50's she still has much of the beauty of her youth, though her black hair has started to grey some.

NPC Name: Nigel Morisway
Relation to PC:Uncle
Location: Paridon, Zhestria

A short rotund man aged 40 the younger of the two sons of Humphrey Morisway. He married young and sired a few children of his own focusing on philanthropic pursuits and  his own trade interests. He keeps positive relations with his elder Brother and his children. The two Morisway family chlidren groups being quite fond of each other.

NPC Name: Ignatious Morisway and Ramsay Morisway
Relation to PC: Twin Elder Brothers
Location: Paridon, Zhestria

Two extremely handsome and compelling young men born 751. One of the two will eventually become Duke upon their father's death. This has been a point of contention between the two having grown distant from each other. Both young man keep trim mustaches and their brown hair slicked back. The two are nearly indistinguishable from the other besides Ignatious' having a scar on his left palm. The two are both extremely protective of their younger sisters, scaring away suitors for both of them.

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Re: Native PCs - Family NPCs
« Reply #180 on: May 31, 2021, 10:16:38 PM »
Maristela Beldorn

Mother: Bethia Cantwell
NPC Location: Nosos
Bethia was a maid working in the Beldorn household. She was seduced by the master, Herman Beldorn, but was cast out when she fell pregnant. Destitute, she turned to petty theft to eke out a living. In a bid to get Herman's attention, she gave the child his surname and harrassed his family constantly (to no avail). When Maristela turned seven, Bethia sent the child to work as a servant in a merchant household. Maristela had a knack for cookery, and was well-liked by her employers. When Maristela turned fourteen, Bethia began encouraging the girl to employ her 'womanly wiles' to earn favors from her masters. Maristela refused, and her deranged mother reasoned that she had no use for her beauty if she would not take advantage of it. She then attacked and maimed Maristela.
Presently, Bethia lives in utter squalor in the Nosian sprawl and wastes away from sickness.

Father: Herman Beldorn
NPC Location: Nosos, aristocratic compound.
Herman is a wealthy financier, and a member of Nosos' decadent aristocracy. He has invested in several of Lord Scleris' coal-mining operations around the Core.
Herman has sired no less than fourteen children; however, only the bastard-child Maristela has survived infancy. With his third wife now deceased, and his health failing, he seeks to locate his sole child.

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Re: Native PCs - Family NPCs
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Wakana Ikegami

Spoiler: show
NPC Name: Taishiro Ikegami
NPC Location: Beikoku, Rokuma Táiyoo
Describe the NPC: Once a leader of a vicious yakuza gang, Taishiro Utsuhi improved his social status by marrying into the Ikegami family. Being an orphan with no connection to his birth family, he gladly accepted the noble name and cast away his old identity. Now as a proper Ikegami, he continued the clan's rise to power through shrewd deals and underworld contacts, proving the wisdom of his father-in-law's choice of an heir. It seems only one thing is troubling this man of success - the lack of a male progeny.

Spoiler: show
NPC Name: Chiyo Ikegami
NPC Location: Beikoku, Rokuma Táiyoo
Describe the NPC: Nobody knows what Chiyo-hime thought when her father, the previous daimyo, arranged her marriage to Taishiro. She seemed to approach it with a dull acceptance, and while there was never any love between the two, Taishiro seemed to respect his wife... or perhaps fear her. She has not been seen in public for over a decade, with many speculating she might have died or commited suicide.

Older sisters
Spoiler: show

NPCs Location: Beikoku, Rokuma Táiyoo
Describe the NPCs: Not much is known about the daughers of the clan, as they usually keep to themselves and have little interest in the world beyon the walls of Osaki Castle. While it is officially known that Taishiro and Chiyo have ten living children, it's no secret that the lady of the house had lost many pregnancies in the past as well.

NPC Name: Kohaku
Describe the NPC: The oldest of Ikegami children, Kohaku spends her time tending to the shrine of Inari located on the castle grounds. Nowadays she rarely leaves it, prefering the shrine's calm to the life in the main house.

NPC Name:Zakuro
Describe the NPC: Zakuro was more of a parent to her sisters than their aloof father and absent mother ever were. Even after they all grew up, she is still the one to tend to the needs of the family, unoficially replacing Chiyo as the lady of the house.

NPC Name:Sadako,
Describe the NPC: A quiet sort, Sadako has an unhealthy interest in knives, which she collects obsessively, always eager to try them out...

NPC Name:Momoka
Describe the NPC: A childlish and immature individual. Momoka rarely cares about anything other than the beautiful clothes, toys and cosmetics brought by the gaijin merchants wishing to curry favours with Taishiro. Ikegami children quickly found out she cannot be trusted with family pets.

NPC Name:Tenko
Describe the NPC: The tomboy Tenko could never accept Taishiro's dismissive treatment of her and her sisters and - against his will - started to train with a sword. She keeps chasing the impossible dream of becoming a samurai under the prince's command.

NPC Name:Inori
Describe the NPC: Nobody can quite tell what is wrong with Inori. She claims to see and hear things others cannot, raving about ghosts and demons living within the walls of the castle. These days the only people visiting her rooms are the servants forced to bring her food and water.

NPC Name:Haruka
Describe the NPC: Underneath Haruka's clothes are scars, old and new. Some of them were left by Sadako's knives, others by Haruka herself. She claims to feel restricted by her skin, constantly complaining how itchy it feels.

NPC Name:Yuuki
Describe the NPC: Sweet little Yuuki, pretty and pure like the first snowfall. Perhaps some noble would find her a desirable match, if it wasn't for her dead, empty stare.

NPC Name:Rin
Describe the NPC: Rin might be the second youngest daughter, but she's also the strongest one... and never lets her sisters forget about it.
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Re: Native PCs - Family NPCs
« Reply #182 on: June 09, 2021, 12:41:07 AM »
PC Name: Suzume Takara

Father: Daichi Takara (Deceased)
NPC Location: Beikoku
An honorable man to the end, Daichi, a samurai under the service of the local lord Yagami Shinpi, had to commit seppuku after failing to protect from the ninja clans the caravan carrying supplies for his town.

Mother: Emiyo Takara
NPC Location: Beikoku
Single child to the mother and father she was born to, and now a single mother to Seven orphans, Emiyo now spends her life washing clothes and plates at the Lord's palace. All seven of her children, with the seventh and youngest being Suzume having to travel abroad, leaving her all alone.

Brother: Daitan Takara
NPC Location: Darkon, Martira Bay
Age: 25
Searching for a trail of Suzume, Daitan found himself in Darkon, few months after they were banished from Rokushima Taiyoo. He is now a member of an organization that smuggles Opium into Barovia.

Sister: Nagisa Takara
NPC Location: Dementlieu, Port-a-Lucine (Black Market)
Age: 22
The most clueless of the siblings, always finding herself in trouble because of the rest of them, Nagisa works in the Black Market within the sewers of Port-a-Lucine. With the newfound realization of her own beauty, Nagisa uses her womanly charms to gain access to the many resources within the place.

Brother: Ryuji Takara
NPC Location: Hazlan, Ramulai
Age: 26
The oldest of the siblings, Ryuji found himself first robbed, then enslaved within the first hours of his arriving within the borders of Hazlan. Physically strong and sturdy, this gaunt man now serves in the mines.

Brother: Sango Takara
NPC Location: Borca, Levkarest
Age: 24
The less religiously informed of the siblings, now found love and duty under the Lady of the Mists, Ezra. An acolyte that follows every word without questioning, that seeks cleansing for his soul and forgiveness for his past sins.

Brother: Yoshimasa Takara
NPC Location: Barovia, Vallaki (The Drain)
Age: 20
Older than Suzume for only nine months, he was the luckiest one of the siblings as the name suggests, as he accidentally managed to form contact with his brother Daitan in Darkon, then came to Barovia to establish a tradeline of Opium between the two locations. He now helps with the logistics of the trade in the Barovian side.

Sister: Ena Takara
NPC Location: Nova Vaasa, Egertus.
Age: 23
The sweet and innocent baby of the family with the purest of hearts, banished to Nova Vaasa where it only took her a year to find a husband, another nine months to have triplets. She now serves her husband that is a renowned horse-breeder in the outskirts of the city.
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Re: Native PCs - Family NPCs
« Reply #183 on: June 10, 2021, 08:44:07 PM »
Severin de Roquefort

Louis-Joseph de Roquefort (Father)

The present head and face of House de Roquefort. Louis-Joseph is the younger brother of the infamous Augustin de Roquefort, Vicomte de Vexin. Louis-Joseph makes his home in Port-a-Lucine after what is speculated to be his expulsion from the familial estates after conflict with his older brother regarding his marriage to a commoner woman. He is a severe and greying man in his middling fifties who serves the law offices of the magistrate. He is known to place heavy value on tradition but is struggling to maintain the dwindling reputation of what is now a weak and dishonored household. It is observed he pays routine respects to the grave of his late wife and has never considered courting another to replace her.

Charlotte de Roquefort (Mother - Deceased)

The noble wife of Louis-Joseph now two decades deceased. The youngest daughter of a wealthy baron, her dowry brought further wealth to the de Roquefort line. Her union with Louis-Joseph was arranged at a time when the reputation of the family was without fault. Charlotte died from a grave illness in what is regarded by others as the first of ill tidings for the blighted Roquefort line. The terrible history that would follow soured relations with the baron and what once had been a doting grandfather has now become a distant memory to the adult children of Charlotte.

Marion de Roquefort (Younger sister)

Marion is the second child of the family. Perhaps inspired by the conviction of her older brother to defy their father, she has grown to be rebellious and resentful of the feminine role within the gentry. She occupies her time writing an unpopular paper contesting the treatment of women, discussing such topics as inheritance laws, marriage, conduct, and dress. She is regarded as controversial and avoided in proper circles, wearing her hair short and preferring styles fashionable among men. Scandalous gossip surrounds her conduct and she is rumored to have paramours among the common worker class. Despite her outspoken opinions, she appears inclined to keep her station among the gentry and refuses to marry any of her fair weather lovers.

Martin de Roquefort (Younger brother)

Martin de Roquefort suffers from the same illness that claimed his mother years prior. He is a fragile man who has attempted many professions but ultimately returns to the mercy of his father when his addiction to drink and other substances leads to his dismissal. His father has often sought to correct his ways but ultimately succumbs to guilt surrounding the fragile constitution of his child and the resemblance he holds to his late wife. Martin resents his elder siblings for their health and passions as he wanders listlessly through his vices, unable to realize his own dreams. He has all but exhausted the friends of his youth and it is rumored his indiscretions have caused lingering upset to more than a few families among the gentry.
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Re: Native PCs - Family NPCs
« Reply #184 on: June 10, 2021, 09:49:16 PM »
PC Name: Celaire de Chauret

Spoiler: show
NPC Name: Marciel de Chauret, Baron de Roquefeuil
Relation to PC: Father
NPC Location: Manoir de Chauret - Roquefeuil - Richemulot

Describe the NPC: A dark-haired man with one clean streak of silver denoting middle age; his features are angular, often cold in countenance, and it has been said that he lacks the capability to smile entirely. He follows the ever-shifting fashion trends of Richemuloise nobility and dresses in dark, muted colors. His voice is sharp and clear like a knife cutting through to the ears, and his words tend to reflect these very qualities.

NPC Name: Lemoura de Chauret
Relation to PC: Mother
NPC Location: Manoir de Chauret - Roquefeuil - Richemulot

Describe the NPC: Her hair is a shining platinum blonde, almost stark white, and it cascades freely down her back with the faintest of grey strands. Whereas her husband's features are sharp, hers are soft and inspire a sense of innate trust; she is the warmth to his frigidity. The dresses she wears are always at least five to ten years out-of-date and boast bright or pastel colors. Her voice is quiet and sweeter than honey, and she speaks almost too nicely to whomever she deigns to. She is the sister of Lisseta.

NPC Name: Guthelaque de Chauret
Relation to PC: Uncle, by blood
NPC Location: Manoir de Chauret - Roquefeuil - Richemulot

Describe the NPC: His hair, once dark, is a striking silver brought on by stress and middle age. Much like his brother, he bears a sharp face and an expression of grim severity -- however, the angularity of his features have been reduced by his sheer weight. He tends to forgo the fashion trends of Richemuloise nobility and dresses eccentrically with bright colors and striking patterns. His voice is booming and powerful like gunfire, and so he tends towards bomastic vocabulary to complement such.

NPC Name: Lisseta de Chauret
Relation to PC: Aunt, married to Guthelaque
NPC Location: Manoir de Chauret - Roquefeuil - Richemulot

Describe the NPC: To those who have managed to catch a glimpse of her, she looks almost identical to her sister Lemoura, except for the fact that her hair is stark white and pulled into a tight bun. Her dresses are of the same antiquity yet tend towards black and other drab colors. As for her voice, it is nonexistent -- she is a mute, no better than a pretty doll propped up in the background of an otherwise dour scene. Particular rumormongers claim that she is an honest-to-goodness ghost.

Spoiler: show
NPC Name: Gregoire de Chauret
Relation to PC: Grandfather
NPC Location: Cimetière de Chauret - Roquefeuil - Richemulot

Describe the NPC: The old patriarch of the family; he who started it all, kicking off the house's death-spiral into their hated reputation and later obscurity. He died just five years after the family fled from Dementlieu in 746 on accusations of necromantic dabbling. His tomb in the family cemetery is dilapidated and abandoned, exemplary of the family's eagerness to escape the dark shadow he cast over their legacy.

NPC Name: Audette de Chauret
Relation to PC: Grandmother
NPC Location: Cimetière de Chauret - Roquefeuil - Richemulot

Describe the NPC: Whereas Gregoire was vilified, Audette was essentially made into a martyr-like figure for the family, regarded by her children and their children as the most faithful wife of all wives. It is widely held by the surviving members of the family that she was murdered by Gregoire in their own bed for condemning his proclivities -- leading Gregoire to die of a broken heart that very night.

*As far as everyone knows. If any DMs have questions or want to work them into a plot, just let me know!

Potentially playable family:
- Various relatives such as cousins, aunts, uncles, etc.
- Children of Guthelaque & Lisseta
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Re: Native PCs - Family NPCs
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The Family of Katarine von Cato (NCE)

Velutina Von Cato (Nee. Fels)
Alive: Living in Port-A-Lucine.
She is a wiry woman standing a little under four foot five. She moves about with an unnatural grace given her past skills as a dancer and performer in Martina Bay. She met her husband and Katarines father when he was visiting the city and decided to marry after nearly three years of courting.

Alica Fels (Nee. Merith)
Alive living near Neufurthenburg
An older woman, the Mother of Velutina, A songwriter in her life, she often spent a lot of time helping to care for the other children in the street she lived in Martina bay before moving to a small house bought by Velutina when she was living in Lamordia. She was never well off but always had more than enough to live a comfortable life.

Sammel Fels
The Father of Velutina. A combat medic by trade, he was caught and presumably executed by the falkovians during one of the small border skirmishes that occurred in Darkon. A larger man with a jovial expression and demeanor he often enjoyed helping his wife take care of children when he was off duty. His service medals are now in the possession of Velutina and Anders in Port-A-Lucine.

Anders Von Cato.
Alive. Currently living between Martina bay and Port-A-Lucine
An older gentleman with a kind smile. He is Lamoridan through and through, When he finally got his wife pregnant he did all he could to ensure that the child was as strong as could be from drugs to medical procedures. He can come across as being stern at times in his manner of speaking but often relents to his daughters requests after a short while given he truly sees her as the culmination of his work.

Unnamed Mother.
Nothing is known about her aside from she abandoned Anders as a child to be raised by his father, He even on his deathbed he refused to mention her name.

Adam Von Cato.
Buried near Neufurthenburg.
A smaller man with a slight limp who died shortly after Anders and Velutina married, Always seeming to be ill with a cold or cough. He spent his days helping out doing odd jobs around the Von Cato house. Mostly he refused to talk about the past save for the day that he first saw Anders which he considered one of the happiest days of his life.

Unnamed Von Cato Child.
Deceased. Buried in a shallow grave somewhere in Lamordia.
First born of Velutina and Anders she was still born at seven months due to complications with the cocktail of drugs that her mother was being fed. Anders carried out several autopsies to work out what went wrong before adjusting the doses for the next pregnancy.

Kristoff Von Cato
Alive, Imprisoned in Ludendorf.
Born only eight months after his sister Katarine. He was a sickly pale child with a malformed arm. By some sheer luck and Anders spending hours nursing him he managed to survive into adulthood. While his sibling and parents both had love for him the locals shunned him due to his slow and dimwitted nature. This led to him leaving the Von Cato household when he was only fifteen, winding up imprisoned less than a year later. Rumors abound though that since that time his strength and combat prowess have only grown.
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