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Re: Native PCs - Family NPCs
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PC Name: Lidia Chirilov

NPC Name: Vasile Chirilov
Relation to PC: Father (Executed in 768 B.C.)
NPC Location: Buried on the Grounds of the Wachter Family's Estate

Describe the NPC (less than 100 words): Vasile was a Lance Corporal within the Wachter Family's militia and participated in the War of Copper Knives. He was present at the Battle of the Banner, but saw little action. He was, however, heavily involved in the taking of Vallaki by the late Lord-Boyar's forces. Fanatically loyal to the Wachters and zealous in his newly-discovered Ezrite faith, he was a true believer in the righteousness of the Wachters' cause. Ultimately, he would be one of the unlucky ones executed after Strahd von Zarovich XI ordered the decimation of the Wachter militia at the War of Copper Knives' conclusion.

Lidia was far closer to her father than to her mother, and this shows. To this day, Lidia cannot bring herself to forgive the Grey City, the Wachter Family, or the "Dilisnya cultists" for the roles they had in taking her father away from her.

NPC Name: Ecaterina Chirilov
Relation to PC: Mother
NPC Location: Lives in a farm on Krezk's outskirts

Describe the NPC (less than 100 words): The loss of her husband caused Ecaterina to turn towards the bottle for comfort. When this wasn't enough, she brought one man after another into the bed she and Vasile once shared. Ecaterina's current lover, who gambled away the family's money and successfully convinced her that Lidia ought to be wed off herself so they can be rid of her, proved to be the final straw and Lidia made her way east with only the clothes on her back.

NPC Name: Pavel Chirilov
Relation to PC: Brother
NPC Location: Lives on a farm in Krezk's outskirts

Describe the NPC (less than 100 words): A dull-witted ox of a man who tends to the day-to-day operations of the Chirilov family's failing farm. With Lidia's sudden departure, Pavel must also handle the farm's book-keeping as well. The results are mixed, as Pavel was never a man for numbers.

NPC Name: Magdalena Chirilov
Relation to PC: Grandmother (Paternal, Passed Away in 765 B.C.)
NPC Location: Deceased

Describe the NPC (less than 100 words): Lidia never knew her grandmother terribly well. However, when she passed, Lidia inherited a peculiar book from her. Its contents, until recently, remained a mystery.
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Re: Native PCs - Family NPCs
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PC Name: Mirabel Taltos

NPC Name: Stefania Taltos
Relation to PC: Mother
NPC Location: Lives in a small house on the outskirts of Krezk, currently missing, presumed dead.

Describe the NPC (less than 100 words): A middle aged woman with long, dark hair and brown eyes, she has a strength to her that her growing age hasn't diminished. She works as a tailor, and never got along well with her only child. They would often have arguments over Mirabel's propensity to vanish the whole day and return covered in mud, or with a black eye and bloodied nose from getting in fights. Since Mirabel left home, she's lived on her own, until one day her home was found with a splintered door and a mess of blood inside, the woman herself nowhere to be found.


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Re: Native PCs - Family NPCs
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PC Name: Ingrid Voll

NPC Name: Elya Voll
Relation to PC: Daughter
NPC Location: Radiant Tower, Lekar, Falkovnia

Describe the NPC (less than 100 words): Eighteen years old, Elya is a young and patriotic Falkovnian ready to die for her country. She is blonde, striking, and fiercely logical. Recently she has, through no small effort on her own part, been accepted to join the Radiant tower studying arcane magicks. Elya is supported by her mother, who sends her monies and letters every week. Even so, Elya has not forgiven her mother for deserting Falkovnia, taking every opportunity to prove herself a true daughter of the Hawk. She has a dog named Wilhelm.