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~Zhuelke Family~
 I have begun my most lucrative job to date, as such it is finally time to log pertinent information.

  It began quite simply, I sought to make a quick Wolf Fang and saw the opportunity in Frenar Goldenhammer's unpopularity. I'd heard of Shy'Nar's (quite embarrassing) assassination attempt in the Lady's Rest and decided to take it upon myself to end the infamous dwarf. We met in the Mist Camps, where we quickly formed a business rapport and headed to the wastes of Har'Akir for mutual benefit.

  There, I introduced him to my brother and revealed my intention after we prepared for our expedition...  I have never faced a more cunning warrior. I had to employ tactics and contingencies I had only imagined. He fought hard, he fought well, but in the end he fell.

~Blood Money~

  After, I took him aside and sought to communicate with his soul, where my true deception began.


  Of course I never really had an employer, but he bought into the deception readily enough. He asked how much I was paid and was quite displeased to hear/ 13,000 WF.
He offered me double, and double again; for the tidy fortune of/ 52,000 WF to supply the name of my employer and return the favor. I agreed to the terms, and would supply a name after being paid in full. He eagerly accepted. After taking rudimentary precautions, I returned his soul and we began a rather tense journey to his bank in Port City.

  After being paid, he demanded a name. I had a few ideas but decided on the one he offered in his ramblings: Koryan.
"I knew it!", is how he responded. "Tell him Frenar sent ye.", his final request.

  I fully intended to leave him to his devices and reap my bounty in Port City on expensive tastes and cheap thrills... until I spoke to Jade. I told her what happened, as I tend to tell her everything, and she was furious. Demanding explanation (for DEALING with Goldenhammer) and speaking nothing less then caustic venom against the dwarf. I found myself wondering the veracity of any of the -numerous- accusations against him. In our dealings, I found him to be nothing less than an honorable, if misguided, business man. And a fine one at that. Finer I have yet to find, in the Vardo or the Goose. I defended him, and myself, like some barrister. In doing so, I found how empty the smoke screen of charges truly were and I began to wonder on my actions...

  I sought Goldenhammer out, and with great precaution, told him of my deception. He demanded his Wolf Fang back, I proposed another arrangement. I would offer my services for a contract, and would do all within my power (apart from die for- I do so enjoy living) to help his Clan prosper and save face. He stared at me a long while before responding...

 "Usually I seek out others and hire them out. You done went and made everything backward! ...You're hired."

  The first order of business is addressing the Clan's public image. It appears there is a smear campaign against it (literally, there is fecal matter smeared over their posters... )
I saw Goldenhammer's attempts at addressing the masses and was left... unimpressed. Too many words. I never saw the point in acknowledging baseless accusations anyway, it gives them merit.
Instead, we will adopt a new campaign~

The first of many such posters to come.
   It seems Goldenhammer's only true detractors are fools and inbred mutants; for good reason. There is no substantiating evidence to the various claims against my employer. In fact, all these cries of "murderer" and "monster" are comical as no one killed by Goldenhammer has managed to stay dead. Assault, I believe is the charge in such a case. Additionally (and more importantly), Goldenhammer has never broken the laws of the land... The Count's law. Labeling those who move against him as no less then the radicals and rebels they are.

   Honestly, what brand of "justice" would nearly burn down a peaceful inn and immolate it's proprietor to see an upstanding and exemplary dwarf assassinated? I wonder.


~Enchanting Experiment:  Xiii~
 Testing with the souls of the deceased has led to horrific results... I feel as if they, in all their vengeance, stole from me that which I worked so hard for.
I no longer feel the intimacy I once did with such arts; I am numb, my business ruined, and I haven't been outdoors in months. Throughout my seclusion, I feel I have come to understand some things
that have long eluded me... myself, for instance.

   The damage is done, it is time for repair.


How many nights have I spent hidden in the dark of these halls, with only flickering candle lights, musty tomes, and the voices to keep me company.
By the Nine how the demons torment. How they rend and gnaw the mind. How they numb and blind.
I would look at myself in the mirror and not know who I saw.
Such irony that in my practice of necromancy I almost lost my life.
Perhaps the dead are best left dead...
...and the living left to live, and to learn.



~ Mystwalker ~
Once upon a field of song we danced like leaves in flight.
Seasons twirled on and on, until one fateful night.

Upon a long and misty road there came an eerie sight.
A figure garbed in shadowed robe came looking for a fight.

I don't recall most of the scene, it must have been obscene.
A toll was paid, my very life is nothing but a dream.

Now gather round that you might hark of truth and myth as one.
All light retreats before old dark, so likewise we should run.

For creatures hunt inside the night, they howl and claw and bite.
They love nothing save for one thing, a lovely soul in sight.

Others still can't get their fill, it's blood they sip as wine.
Never satisfied they drink, cursed for all of time.

So Let it come, the hallowed sun, to cleanse and purge the land.
All shadows roam in places known, the light they cannot stand.

Now gather round that you might hark of truth and myth as one;
Old dark gives way again to light cast out from the sun.
~ Zhuelke


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