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Author Topic: Contributing to the development of the server module - open calls  (Read 1291 times)

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While we always appreciate the creativity and dedictation of our community, we generally do not include unsollicited player-made content into the server module itself. Consequently, if you want to contribute to the design and development of the server, please apply for membership of the development team.

Sometimes we may however explicitly ask the community for help, either in the item proposal topic or when a developer makes an open call in this topic for assistance with a concrete task. Therefore, if you are interested in lending a hand without the commitments of fully joining the development team, keep an eye on this topic for potential assignments along with the relevant info.

Please be aware that there's no guarantee that your contributions will end up being used, and we may also alter them significantly if required. We also ask that you only offer your help if you feel confident that you are qualified to assist in whatever the advertised requests require.

Thank you in advance for the help!