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Horrors to expect - PC reminder
« on: February 25, 2013, 09:16:34 AM »
This is a little reminder about what you should or could expect in game when you log in to play on POTM, which - as a gothic horror setting - might be a bit different compared to other servers.

 :arrow: Remember always: this is a game. Do not identify too much with your player character! Attachment is not healthy.
 :arrow: Beware the night. If you are out at night, expect that bad or worse things can happen to you.
 :arrow: Expect that your own PC could get mutilated or disfigured. Torture and evil experiments are elements of some of the horrific minds in the Core. This might even lead to the fact that a DM decides to permanently lower your abilities or even to kill your PC and bring the corpse to the most remote places in the Core.
 :arrow: Regard disfigurations, curses, lowering of your stats and abillities as opportunities to come up with even greater rp. Don't see them as OOC punishments. Your character will shine even more if she/he rises with valor out of brokeness.
 :arrow: Expect that your character could even die for good or for a very long time, if your PC is at the wrong place at the wrong time.
 :arrow: Expect that your character becomes a victim of the Ba'al Verzi assassins. If your character makes the wrong enemies they might hire the Verzi and your character might get killed for good. You can become a target of the assassins even if you think you should not.
 :arrow: Acquiring knowledge can be dangerous. The more forbidden lore you obtain the more likely your character will fall into doom.
 :arrow: If you mess up with of any Darklord (not just Strahd) your character might get killed for good or worse.
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Re: Horrors to expect - PC reminder
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Re: Horrors to expect - PC reminder
« Reply #2 on: December 31, 2021, 05:36:09 PM »
Over the last few years, our community has expanded as we have welcomed hundreds of new players to the server. The team is constantly impressed with the stories you craft for each other; tales of tragic loss, fiery revenge, bitter defeat and glorious triumph. As a community, we always strive to be a welcoming and supportive place. Sometimes though, the core nature and philosophy of the setting (and our server in particular) can become overlooked.  It is import to remember that the Demiplane of Dread is a unkind, harsh, brutal and tragic place. Its horrors are a terrible thing to behold and may leave your characters scarred in more ways than one.

Please take a take a moment to read through DM Macabre's post and the relevant discussion of it. These are critical truths about our server and a reminder of the horrors to expect within.

And as always denizens of the mist...

Be excellent to one another.

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