Author Topic: ~Many papers attached to carts, doors, windows, & even the citadel in Vallaki~  (Read 666 times)


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* A massive amount of papers are seemingly posted quickly and randomly all around vallaki, all seemingly addressed to the Gaurda. On it was the simple words.-

" I hear valdon is dead. That my brother is dead. I am both happy and sad about this. I, Cecedi valdon, have done not very much in my life to aid him in any way, nor that damnable cult of his... yes i was punished unjustly by it. When i was forced from the ONLY home and family i had, I lost judgement and cut off the leg of one of the Garda. A choice that cost me nothing but what they already planned to do, a price on my head.

I, Cecedi, last of the valdon.... Wish a truce with the garda of vallaki. I wish safe travel in vallaki once more. However i am hesitant to talk in person. I was threatened to not tell the world by the same garda who banished me and the same whom i cut the leg off of!
I regret what I did, but you stay locked up in a room after losing everything you hold dear! Family! Friends!!.. You cut my toes and fingers off... For no reason but my name.

PEOPLE OF VALLAKI. PEOPLE OF THE OUTSKIRTS! many call me an evil person for cutting off a GARDA'S leg! My ONLY Sin in life.

I want to come home. I have no other reason to life but to do what I always did and SURVIVE.

I toss away my name of valdon.

In short; garda. REMOVE your bounty on my head, and realize i have NO place in the idea you thought i did! I do not care for the cults or your so called 'vraja' you so hate as i am a WARRIOR not a street magician.
Simply leave a reply near one of these messages, and my runner's I am paying will deliver it for me one way or another.

I am cecedi. I am no cultest, I am no liar. The count can do what he wants, the cult can die for all i care, and my brother can rot in whatever little place you have him hidden. I just want to be home.

~ Cecedi."

On the bottom of the notes was a scribbled message. "I offered to help you, garda. Even came to you many times of my own choice. Remember. Why do you take my info when you forced me to be a spy, yet ignore my words LATER when i was no use."

It seemed the serious of the note was placed in with the signing of blood for the name.


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[scribbled underneath in cursive common]

Garda or not, outlander... the moment you step foot in Vallaki I will cut out your tongue, remove it through your cut throat, and then feed it to you.
Just another lesson from the School of Hard Knocks... PHD!