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Gavril Alin Arcos
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Born January 17th in the year 743 BC, Gavril Alin Arcos was the firstborn son of Daciana and Petru Arcos their family moving to Krofburg shortly after its foundation, prior to this they lived in the country surrounding Vallaki, Petru working as a member of the Garda before taking the plunge and relocating the family. Some years before the move they bore a Daughter named Luminita however she died tragically in an accident involving a Runaway horse in the spring of 756 BC, this greatly affected Gavril as a youth and he has since come to despise the creatures. Petru was well known and respected as one of the village guards falling easily into the role having prior military experience and showing exceptional skill in the use of the Halberd, he made efforts to pass these skills along to his only son, as he himself had been taught by his father. The men of the Arcos line are typically large for barovian men, most of them standing well over six feet in height, Gavril himself stands at six feet exactly, being slightly shorter than his father  their height lending itself well to the use of the weapon over the generations. Gavril did most of his growing up among the quiet farmlands and foothills of the Mountains that sit between Vallaki and Krofburg, finding a playmate in a girl close to his age named Valerica, the two of them sharing in various childhood adventures and activities. As Gavril grew into a man he chose a more civilian path and took a job as a Miner, Perhaps due to not wishing to work under or alongside his father, their relationship becoming somewhat strained over the years for various reasons.  It wasn't long before he met and Married a Girl by the name of Carina Vulpescu something of a local beauty. Their marriage was as rocky as the mountains they lived among, many claiming to hear them arguing well into the night on numerous occasions at one another.  Inevitably their marriage was a horrible failure, Carina running off to be with some rich vineyard owner’s son, the event causing something of a local scandal, turning Gavril into a social pariah.  Gavril became a changed man after this event, finding it hard to trust beautiful women, believing them to be deceitful and insincere. After a time he could no longer take the whispers shared amid the populace and he decided to leave Krofburg, heading for Vallaki with little on his person save his Halberd.
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