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"The Changeling": Important Dates!

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((Reminder: This is tonight, roughly three hours from the time of this post.))

ATTENTION: Due to technical difficulties, we will be holding the play outside, at the bend in the road along the Avenue du Progrés, just outside of Port-á-Lucine. Refreshments will be provided!

((The play will be in the Theatre as originally planned!))

If you have not yet had the pleasure of seeing "The Changeling" in person, then do not wait! The final show is to take place on the 23rd of February, at 6:00 PM ((EST/GMT -5))! Critics rave:

" 'The Changeling', with its frighteningly innocent beginnings and overwhelmingly tragic end, plays out like a fairy-tale gone wrong. Ardmor Marziale's breakout performance shows he shines as both an actor and a dramaturge." ~ La Dépêche

"There can be no doubting that the actors and actresses will move you." ~ Le Lecteur Dementlieuse

Come see the play, and see for yourself what everyone has been talking about!

((FYI, this is tonight, about 7 hours from this post!))

((The Changeling set to begin in 2 hours.))


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