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"The Changeling": Important Dates!

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All throughout Port-á-Lucine, the following posters are put up. Featured on the colorful fliers is a woodcut depicting a cruel-looking shadow fey.

Written at the very bottom of the parchment in small letters is:

"If interested in auditioning, there is no set time - instead, s'il-vous-plait, contact me in-person within the Quartier Publique or in the theatre itself, or write to me at:

Ardmor Marziale
Guest Director
Théâtre de la Cathédrale
Port-á-Lucine, Dementlieu"

Merci beaucoup."

This poster is refreshed...

These posters are renewed, with the following message appended:

"Still seeking a human female and halfling female for the roles of Delia and Morganna. Inquire with Ardmor Marziale if interested!"




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