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Author Topic: Updated terms for MPCs.  (Read 1518 times)

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Updated terms for MPCs.
« on: November 04, 2012, 05:17:07 PM »
Greetings Prisoners,

As of this day, we are going to bring a change on how we handle MPC's. This change comes after observations that MPC's often end up lingering very long, resulting in people perceiving them more as a personal project (and thus, personal benefit) rather than the general community roleplay generator that it's intended to be.

Below are the changes that will be effective as of this announcement:

- All MPC's will have a six month expiring date.

- There is no longer the initial ECL loss on these monstrous templates: Ghoul, Wereboar, Werejackal, Wereleopard, Wererat, Wereraven, Werewolf and Wight.

- There is a minor ECL loss on these monstrous templates: Mummy (ECL 2), Vampire (ECL 2), Werebear (ECL 1).

- Both AMPCs and MPCs can apply for extension of the period if there's circumstances that speak in favour of it (OOC circumstances or if it's clear that things are heading toward culmination/closure but just need a little more time to bring it about). Just send a PM to the DM team explaining the reason in brief.

- DP stage 5 characters now count as MPCs (being subject to the same terms).

Options for existing MPC's:

- Existing MPC's will be given a six month expiring date to bring their stories to a culminating end.

- Existing MPC's may have their initial ECL loss of levels returned in line with the new ECL loss rules.



The POTM development team.