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*A note at the citidel*
« on: October 24, 2012, 02:44:07 AM »
My name is Ashin Luoh, well known witch and lesser known necrologist, studier of the imortiji and the workings of anatomy. I have recently began to spread rumors about someone for my own personal gain of knowledge on the workings of human civilization. From what I have created of local rumors and names I have heard over time, combining the name Janos and Ovidiu with necromancy and dark arts has lead to ignoring of my being. As this experiement has failed, i will now ensure that all misconceived words are set right. The 'old man' Janos has had nothing to do with the local cultist activity, and the Ovidiu domn was simply a man who's reputation I wished to test to see if he could withstand an accusation of necromancy. if you have any further questions, simply seek me out and see as i do not care to give you awnsers.

Ashin Luoh, Master Lore Keeper, reformed Vecna Cultist.

P.S. Should anyone know the location of a manifestation of death, please seek me out, as due to events long ago, I require it's aid.