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In the effort to help people know what domains/towns to provide feed back for, I am making this thread to help link people to the proper threads.

 :arrow: BAROVIA Feedback
  - Village of Barovia Feedback
  - Krofburg Feedback
  - Dvergeheim Feedback
  - Krezk Outpost Feedback
  - Wachter Estate Feedback
  - The Drain Feedback

 :arrow: THE MISTS Feedback
  - The Mist Camp Feedback

 :arrow: DEMENTLIEU Feedback

 :arrow: BLAUSTEIN Feedback

 :arrow: GHASTRIA Feedback

 :arrow: HAZLAN Feedback

 :arrow: HAR'AKIR Feedback

 :arrow: PERFIDUS Feedback

 :arrow: SITHICUS Feedback

[bumping this]

would be nice to see about this being sticked. also if there is threads for barovian areas let me know about them too :)

bumping this to help people find the domain links. Those who have links for for other feedback threads feel free to post them so people can find threads to provide feedback. :)

could this be sticked possibly? as I think having a link to the feedback for each domain is a good thing. :)

Ah, I found this. :) I wonder if it could be stickied to help find domain/areas to quickly provide feedback for the devs?


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