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The Spine of the World is a mountain range stretching from the westernmost part of Faerūn south of Icewind Dale to the eastern edge of the Cold Wood where it joined up with the Ice Mountains, which stretched all the way to the Anauroch desert. An absolutely unforgiving, hostile place covered in permafrost and riddled with lethalities both animalistic and monstrous, as well as environmental.

These mountains had, for over two hundred and fifty seasonal cycles, been my home and I shall never lay eyes on them again. I could say that I miss them and I would not be lying, however, I must also admit to myself that the lands of Vallaki, Barovia and her surroundings are not at all that bad by comparison.

A change of climate certainly brings about a change in flora and fauna, but truthfully. Trading Werewolves and Vampires for Stormgiants, Verbeeg, Whitedragons and whatnot, I am in a place far safer than the one I departed. I will, as always, persevere.

"Scar-face" "Scab-Scowl". I know they call me things behind my back, its as if an appearance matters to them. She wandered about with a large cut in her upper clothing, putting her breasts out for display. Like a farmer emphasising the healthy udders of his prized cow at a market. Who wears wading-boots and sticks nails into the heel to look taller?

I was even curious about why one would intentionally slit the legs of ones pants, but after trying it myself, I realised it is great for letting out the heat! I can run for far longer distances now, and I wont get blisters between my legs anymore. Of course, a detrimental change for when I wander into the chills of the mountains again.

Barovia is of a pleasantly cold climate, plenty of deer and wolves to hunt them. Occational man-wolf as well, but after getting my bearings and recovering, I am no longer the lowest rank on the foodchain. Of course, there are still predators to beware of, but as my own capacities increase, so shall I pass them all by in time.