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Community Council Election Results
« on: August 13, 2012, 01:52:42 PM »
Salutations all fellow mist-dwellers!

The community council elections for player-player representatives are now over, and thank you to all of you who took your time to vote. This is also a fitting occasion to express our appreciation to those that served as councillors in the now passed term. Their effort is essential to maintaining communication and overview and minimizing the discontent in a diverse community.

This is the people who've been voted in to represent you in the coming term:


Forum Account: aprogressivist
Game Account: aprogressivist3
Characters: Marcus Hulford, Anastacia Rotfurt


Forum Account: puckwolf
Game Login(s): puckwolf, HyruleYou
Characters Played:  Eugen Dumitrascu, Nara'ia Goldflame, and a bunch of others

Return of the Space Cowboy

Forum name: Space Cowboy
Player Login: Return of the Space Cowboy
haracters played: Bernard Du Bourg, Finn McFadden, Marku Dej, bunch of others

Winter83 / Oncedorf

Forum account: Winter83
Game login: Oncedorf
Character: Giles Emry   (Winter83 stepped down with his seat going to the next runner up, Hellspanda)

As you probably have noticed, we had the votings set up a bit different this time. This means that the four above are the people who had the largest margin in favour of their positive votes compared to their sceptical. I won't post all the results publicly, but if any of you who ran would like to know the exact amount of positives and negatives you received, please just send me a PM and I'll pass it to you.

To the four people above, I and the rest of the teams look forward to working with you - those of you new and those returning for another term. The new among you will be granted access to CC forums shortly. Those now retiring will keep their access for a week to help with the overlap period.

To everyone else, keep these names in mind and use them whenever you have concerns, questions or remarks that you for some reason feel best addressed to a peer player. The community council members are there to assure that your concerns are heard, but also that you don't need to carry around your worries and frustrations for too long without any form of resolution. In this sense, make use of it for your own benefit but also that of the community as a whole. It is a tool for community communication, diplomacy and coherence that we should all take advantage of in the process of making the community a better place for all to be a part of.

Soon we will put up a poll for your DM and developer representatives, as well as do our elections among the developer and DM team.


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Re: Community Council Election Results
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To comment these results, use the topic here: