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Reminder: Communication with DM's
« on: August 10, 2012, 08:53:20 PM »
If you ask a DM for something and you don't get what you're looking for... what do you do?

A) Accept their judgement and move on

B) Ask another DM just in case

C) Bring your question and the DM's response to your Community Council or Head/Assistant DM's for review

The answer is based on context. If your satisfied with their answer then A is acceptable. If you are not satisfied and the response is critical or concerning... then C is acceptable.

B however is where we run in to trouble.

All DM's communicate. When you ask a question on the DM channel or via the forums: You may receive a response from 1 DM but it is likely that a good chunk of the DM team contributed to their response.

We discuss a majority of IC and OOC concerns on our private boards and in game. So if you are going to ask another DM, please be sure to let the other DM know you've already spoken with a DM and what their response was. It is against the rules to play the 'Mommy Daddy' game with the DM's.

Thank you.
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