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Community Council Elections have begun!
« on: August 01, 2012, 12:27:43 PM »
The next elections for your community council player representatives are about to begin -- a portal is now available in the OOC Main Hall area that will take you to the voting booth.

Before you go vote, we'd like to underline how important it is that you do not just turn into a popularity contest or a way of rewarding friends or even talented roleplayers. Try to be disassociated from personal interests when making your vote, and vote for those you feel may best serve the community. What the Council do is mainly mediating disputes and facilitating communication - it isn't like a governing institution, but a counselling and mediating. Only and solely base your votes on criteria that you would deem important for this role - such as empathic ability, sense of justice, open mindedness, and ease of understanding. This is what will determine whether or not the Community Council will be a success.

You will get the option to evaluate your disposition toward each candidate in terms of "sceptical", "indifferent" or "positive". Once the votings are over, the four candidates with the best rating will become councillors. The DM team will then pick one candidate and so will the Development team, making it six player representatives in total. Later you will also be asked to pick someone to represent you among both the DM team and the Development team.

The voting booth will be accessible from August 1st to 12th both inclusive, then the ballots will be counted.

The nominees are welcome to use the designated topic on the forums to introduce themselves. Find it here:

Thank you for reading and taking your time to vote!

May it serve the community toward continuing unity, well being and prosperity!


This is the list of candidates (in alphabetic order):

1. Amon-Si / Chaotic-Void

Forum account: Amon-Si
Game login(s): Amon-Si, Chaotic- Void
Characters played: Eliza Chirila, Teddi

2. aprogressivist / aprogressivist3

Forum Account: aprogressivist
Game Account: aprogressivist3
Characters: Marcus Hulford, Anastacia Rotfurt

3. Badelaire

Forum Account: Badelaire
Game Login: Badelaire
Characters: Tredow Folquin, Colosse Ithmah, Drace Alsades, Cadeyrn Brennus

4. Balorvale / Volke_Vadania

Forum Account: Balorvale
Game Account: Volke_Vadania, RigorMortis
Characters: Illyana Dragonwing, Laura LeChance, Florian Bravossi, Anora Brandybark.

5. BarleyBeer / Waste_Mgmt

Forum account: BarleyBeer
Game login(s): BarleyBeer/Waste_Mgmt
Characters played: Blythe Harvey, Lucretia Valmont, a handful of others

6. Dutchy / Saintjocks

Forum Acount: Dutchy
Game Login: Saintjocks  and at rare times DeathAngelNL
Chars: Mihas Mandruleanu   (and several minors at rare occasions)

7. Emomina / Crimson Shuriken

Forum Accounts: Emomina, Crimson Shuriken, Rajian_Farkir
Game Accounts: Emomina, Crimson Shuriken, Rajian_Farkir
Characters:   lately:   Chessryn Auryvund, Jastria Estelda, Reyusk Nighstar
                  new character event: Avistra Dusksong
                  classic antiquity: Reiko Yonemaru, Marijan Giovanelli, Rivanon the Halan, Vrillith X.
                  ancient history:  Krill, Djibril Reveilliere

8. Fenlun / AleHammer

Forum - Fenlun
Login - AleHammer
Characters - Griswold Fairbanks

9. Folex / Aurora08

Forum account: Folex
Game login: Aurora08
Characters: Inari Delcroux

10. Geiger / Below the World Tree

Account: Geiger
Player Accounts: Below the World Tree, Thick Chocolate lookin' for Nightfun
characters: Andsvarr, Hieronymous Articouleis and many many more!

11. HellsPanda / jerv10

Forum account: HellsPanda
Game login(s): jerv10, HellsPanda, TheLawgiver, ElectricWasp, JarlKongson, HellsPlatypus and CoraxAshwind
Characters played: Lucious Carron, Khidron, Corax Ashwind, Nikolos, Samuel Wrath, Ahriman, Raphael Shrewtamer, Taka Shyr Hon and a plethora of other chars.

12. herkles / bismarck1

forum account: herkles
game accounts: bismarck1
characters: Edmond Montte and Caterina di Morello are my main characters.

13. Little Lotte / BoneWidow

Forum Account: Little Lotte
Game Logins: BoneWidow and Little Lotte
Characters: Serafim Ianescu, Georgetta Pavenic, Magdalena Frost, Ileana Varias

14. puckwolf

Forum Account: puckwolf
Game Login(s): puckwolf, HyruleYou
Characters Played:  Eugen Dumitrascu, Nara'ia Goldflame, and a bunch of others

15. Return of the Space Cowboy

Player Login: Return of the Space Cowboy
Forum name: Space Cowboy
Characters played: Bernard Du Bourg, Finn McFadden, Marku Dej, bunch of others

16. Tzaeru

Forum account: tzaeru
Game login(s): Tzaeru
Characters played:
Delarion de'Ardo, Delardious/Slashy, Zarlaste Bar'riane and a massive amount of others.

17. Vissitude / Vicissitude

Forum account: Vissitude
Game login(s): Vissitude or Vicissitude
Characters played: Kaeyna Mazrak / Linnéa Paganni

18. Winter83 / Oncedorf

Forum account: Winter83
Game login: Oncedorf
Character: Giles Emry
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