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Lycanthropy: infection?

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This is one thing that has been bugging me since I came to this server and probally falls into the immersion category. All of my characters save one have been mauled by lycanthropes before - often to near death. But escaped, no fortitude saves to not become cursed or anything.

So, I'm curious.. is there even a script in so that fighting lycanthropes has that proper fear factor - being you don't know if one of your party members will turn the next full moon and chew your head off whilst you sleep because it was his 'watch'?

This is one of those things that ruins immersion for me. The infection is a big part of the fear that people have for lycanthropes but it appears it isn't in on this server. Everyone just gets a silver weapon, goes and attacks the lycanthropes,.. and poof no risk outside of maybe dieing? That doesn't make sense.. at least one of these crazy adventurers who cleaned out the werewolf cave(for example) should be infected.. I mean they didn't go get some belladonna or have a priest cure them etc. etc.

A simple on day X you get the werewolf polymorph and are set to hostile to everyone would work.. and will save with a DC of 25+ or some such to resist just roaming around as an effective NPC attacking anything you see would work nicely me thinks..

Probally typed a bit incoherently.. but yeah there you are.. *Wanders off to get a snack listening to rumbling belly...*

There may actually be something to this idea....

Well i agree, but i would if this would be implemented also significantly decrease the number of lycantropes. The bite itself would be the danger to fear rather than the outrageous number of werecreatures.

I would love the chance/curse to become a lycan, of any kind. Since as it is now I dont fear any lycans, unless they are quite many and of the Dire Wolf variety, and Im sure more than I feel like this.
Shio is right, make the bites infectious but cut down on the number of werebeasts. Barovia must be werebeast hunter paradise :wink:
Make the werebeasts feared again :twisted:

The issue is that in a campaign, you would fight perhaps a dozen lycanthropes maximum in the course of the adventure. Here, we slaughter them like cattle.

Perhaps in DM encounters, but even then.


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