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Rannoch Herrik - Knight of the Thorn
« on: April 25, 2020, 11:26:14 PM »
The Vision
I had not truly believed in my Mistress until the Vision, the year of our Mistress 383 After Cataclysm, in the month of Fierswelt. Days of fasting had taken me to delirium with only bitter metallic water to give me respite, the noxious sulfurous water of the Sanction volcanoes.

A dark figure dragged me out of my cell and stripped me of my clothing. The slight sensation of a needle as it etched meaning onto my flesh served to wake me from a lifetime's slumber. Bleeding, but numb, I was thrown into a pit.

For a moment I ate the mud and dirt at the bottom of an oubliette, some voice in the back of my mind recording the distant traces of urine and feces and recoiling against my reality. There is little I remember of the pit except the tearing scars of my fingers against my chest and legs, attempting to tear off the blasphemous images imprinted upon my person and soul. A woman torn apart and copulated with serpentine mouths and and bodies twisting from my gullet onto my toes.

Distant earthquakes woke me from my torpor as I found the door of my oubliette hanging open. I ripped into the mud of the walls and tore my fingers open as I crawled up from the mud like the beasts of old that birthed our own race. I sat on the threshold of the doorway and wept for the beautiful sight.

She stood before me, glorious and horrible. She wiped the tears from my eyes and stared into my soul with the burning intellect that spoke of thousands of worlds made and unmade, of a war that has made countless universes and unmade them, of the cycle between life and death, darkness and light, of a youthful image that belied an eternal need thirsting over countless millennia. I was made forever devoted, for I had learned a secret aspect of all the universes. I could only lower my head and grovel for I knew then that I was forever her slave, that my service would be the greatest act of any life my soul could ever live.

She motioned out towards a field of burning corpses and although her tongues spoke in a blasphemous hiss all I could hear was her true command,

The chaos gods did nothing wrong!