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If you have recently purchased NWN Diamond from you may notice that any time you try to join a multiplayer game, you will get a ban message. This is because the digital copy from comes with a generic, non-unique CDKey. You need to request a multiplayer CDKey from, which you can do here:

Had this problem last night,

Thanks for the info!


--- Quote from: DrunkJedi on July 04, 2013, 06:47:21 AM ---Had this problem last night,

Thanks for the info!

--- End quote ---

Thanks for searching the forums :)

I just re-purchased this game from and requested my multiplayer key.  I'm still waiting after a couple days.  Has anyone done this recently?  I hope they are still giving out keys...
Can hardly wait to play again!

They do still give them out. A friend of mine just joined the server. It took like two days or so. I'd check your junk mail folder


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