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Personalized Equipment Tailoring!
« on: May 23, 2012, 10:04:41 AM »
((I know most people don't have the time to deal with crafting their equipment and appearances.  Others either don't care or don't know what combinations of options work well together.  To help with this, I am volunteering to craft equipment for people In Game.  I can craft everything except Exotic Weaponry as Vincent.  In circumstances where I can not equip an item, I will alter a non-magical copy of it then provide the Numbers/Dyes for the player to apply to the original set.  Requests to meet for Customization can be left for me in a PM, Given to me over MSN or addressed in a Tell to "Vincent Reinholt" in game.))

Advertisements posted in Port-A-Lucine, The Mist Camp, The Village of Barovia and Vallaki

"Got an outfit or other parcel of equipment that just doesn't look right?  Tired of it looking just like all the others of its kind?  Do you have a new weapon or suit of armor and need it customized to fit you?  I can help.  I am currently accepting orders for alterations on clothing, jewelry, shields, armor, helmets and weaponry.  Requests for a meeting may be left in the Tennements of Port-A-Lucine, The Blood of the Vine Tavern, The Visitors Tent or the Lady's Rest.  Address them to "Vincent Reinholt."  Prices Negotiable.  Some restrictions apply."