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The Wedding of Baptiste Moliére and Linette Jalabert



All are welcome to be in attendance for what is surely to be a celebration unlike any other, marking the joining of two houses most noble and the start of a new era for la Théatre de la Cathédrale! Monsieur Baptiste Moliére is to enter holy matrimony with Madameoisselle Linette Jalabert, and it is certain to be an event that you shall not want to miss! Entertainment in the form of entrancing musical performances, magic shows with prestidigitation, and much more will be offered to those present, provided by La Troupe du Théatre.

Be there for what shall surely be the event that all in Port-a-Lucine shall remember! Saturday, April 14th, at 6:00 PM ((EST/GMT -5)), at la Théatre de la Cathédrale! Be there!

((This is 4 hours from now, today! Shouts will be given, as well as transport.))


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