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*A reply is sent with a name and location to respond back*

        Am interested in a guard position, is there one available?


*After some time passes, Lucien removes the reply*

'I will be free, once again I should think, when this war is over
and i'm no longer required on the frontlines ..should I be lucky.'

'Violinist foremost, et varied musician. ~Matthieu Montte~'

The Prophet of Misinformation:
[ Affixed upon an otherwise mundane parchment is a wax seal bearing the initials M. V. ]

The contents simply read, "Savant prestidigitator and actor."


--- Quote from: Lilianne on March 28, 2012, 08:06:56 PM ---

--- End quote ---

[Old posters are taken down, and new ones put up. The following is added:]

"Now hiring security."


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