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Book of the Bard
« on: March 23, 2012, 09:31:02 PM »

I'm dressed up like a jester
I act the fool and mime
All the actions of those I curse
And run down all the time.

I am a tactless minstrel
I sing off-key for coins
If you spot me in the street
Please kick me in the loins.

No one understands my plight
The life of musician
Singing for impatient men
A terminal condition.

I can't believe I stand here
And sing my time I waste.
But you who sit and smile at me
Sincerely have no taste.

The things I do to to live
Surprise me time to time
Like learning how to play the lute
And making these words rhyme.

A minstrel's song I heard them say
Brings maidens by the score
But luck deserts me when I play
They hasten to the door.

"You left the campfire back in the field. The entire grass field is on fire. Smokey the Bear is on the edge of the field, on his knees, sobbing into his hands."