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Author Topic: Reminder regarding hijacked accounts  (Read 4322 times)


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Reminder regarding hijacked accounts
« on: March 19, 2012, 01:22:07 PM »

Since the Bioware Master Server has been down for almost a year and there's no signs of it ever coming back, it is unfortunately possible for anyone to login under another's account. We've addressed this several times in the last 8 months, but as it's still occurring, it bears repeating.

To help prevent this, we've implemented a password system to secure your characters. The password system will check your CDkey whenever you login, and if it doesn't match the CDkey you had when you set your password--in other words, if someone else tries to access your account, your character will be locked. We strongly recommend you set up passwords for all of your characters.

The system works by tracking CD keys, since it's fair to assume that if someone hijacks your character, they'll do so with a different CD key. Given this, we've also made it so that you only have to type in the password if you should log on to your character with a different CD key than those authenticated. Once you first set up the password, the currently used CD key is authenticated for that character, and if you at later log in with another CD key and correctly type in the password, that CD key will be permanently authenticated for that character too. This should minimize the amount of strain this system impose on the experience.

To set up the password for your account, use the @setpass <password> command. You need to type it in twice with identical password to store it - this is to assure a typo or similar does not become part of the password.

If you then log in with a new CD key, the character will be locked (with no means of making any actions) and you'll be ask to authenticate it using the @login <password> command. Upon having successfully having typed in the password, you'll have the CD key authenticated and be able to move around the character again.

You can always set up a new password once you're logged in with an authenticated CD key using the same @setpass command.

Please note that this password system works on a per character basis--you will have to set a password for each character.

To those who would attempt to hijack another player's account, know this: we will find out. The server keeps track of your IP address and CDKey of all players and we can easily find out when you've done this. You will be banned and the ban will be indefinite--at least until Bioware reinstates the Master Server, if they are still planning to. There will be no exceptions to this.

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Re: Reminder regarding hijacked accounts
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2014, 10:25:31 PM »
Bump. Please go through your characters and set passwords, especially if you value the time you've spent on your characters.