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Author Topic: Unbroken Ground; Godric Hawthorn  (Read 770 times)

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Unbroken Ground; Godric Hawthorn
« on: July 24, 2012, 07:36:51 AM »

This is all that remains within Manor Hawthorn

Mother: Ethel Hawthorn - Housewife (Vanished)
Father: Wilber Hawthorn - Landowner (Vanished)
Grandfather: Winston Hawthorn (Desceased)

The Hawthorn family owned a small estate just outside of Mordentshire, a reasonably wealthy family frugal with money but generous to those in need, they traded mainly in gold and gems coming in and out of the port town.

743: Godric Hawthorn is born
753: Godric begins a close friendship with a streetrat by the name of Frankie (female)
757: Frankie winds up dead along with several other homeless, drained partially of blood the death is ruled as supernatural.
760: Godric is sent to the market for bread, on his return his family is gone, no sign of them or their occupany remains, none of his neighbours recall him, nor their family, only the portrait remains.
763: Godric spends a few years on the streets, living as a thief, falling into a rythem of stealing for drink and women
765: Godric finds work and a home boxing, gambling and studying in a local bar
767: Godric drinks far too much, and sets off leaving his room and his life behind in Mordent

Hes never quite found out what happened to his family, but its in the past he tells himself, trying to move on, memories still stuck with him.
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Re: Unbroken Ground; Godric Hawthorn
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2012, 06:04:19 AM »

After the events of the last week it seems apt to write down my journeys, and my thoughts, in case things escalate from here. I moved, or should I say was accidentally relocated to Barovia just over two weeks ago. I tried to find employment at the local asylum, but was snubbed, I tried to ply my skills elsewhere but ran into just as similar bad luck. Where I was staying, the outskirts, had the most insane people I have ever seen, though, most simply ended up in that large pile of corpses in the local temple.  I have found, little in the way of friends here, though that is not surprising, letting people get close, gives people the opportunity to hurt you.I met the girls at the Nymph, Tatiana, who as it turns out was more the bargirl then I had anticipated. The streetwalking bard also.  I met Giles, a huntsman, though that is only the mask he wears, and my link to the wayfarers. Then there is Rose, a borcan woman, I met her within my first few nights in this country. A sweet girl, with a bad history, naive to a fault.  Few days after I met her, she began a relationship with man of ill-repute, I warned her against it, my time with such people taught me well enough what kind will stick around, and predictably he did not.

The reason I have decided to write down what's happened to me is because of my friendship with Rose. I had set up my office in the slums, and had begin working and researching from it. She came to me, her sister, a vampire had returned and was threatening her along with her sisters Sire. It was the first knowledge I had of actual physical contact with such things. It seemed sch a distant possibility I barely thought of it as my research intensified. Until late one night, a scream echoed from outside and we located a woman, drained of blood, with a note, threatening Rose. We followed the trail, deep into the underground cave systems of the city. We located Alina, who tried to lull her sister into coming with her. Always an emotional girl, Rose found it difficult, I did my best, I kept her calm, I diffused the situation and the vampires left.

Threats came often, a head on a pike was left in my office, with a death threat to me, I kept calm, though my mortality was suddenly exposed to me. Giles came to us, offered us safe refuge, which we accepted, however my tools remained at my office, which I believed would be necessary. I trusted this man, I trusted them both. I had to, we were being hunted, like nothing I have ever experienced. We knew they were coming soon, so I prepared, I got what tools I could, I began to outfit myself, as Roseanna and I grew closer, very close, I came to not only trust her, but have real feelings for her. She asked me for a night in, a night where I wasn't working, or researching, a night where... we could be alone. I accepted, this became apparent to me as a mistake.

She poisoned me. I awoke hours later as the subtle change of dawn came, I took up my cleaver and coat and exited my room. I had been betrayed, my office was filled with the vermin. First it was only the two who had stalked us, then as I was frozen in place, more arose from behind me, the world went dark and we battled the sire. The twos deception left me groggy and unable to think, the fight I will omit for it is of no concern, suffice to say, as the haze left me, so did the Sires head. The other parascites in the room were displeased with my actions. I was displeased with everyone elses.

As the situation ended and the leeches left my residence, I tried to leave, I had to will to talk to the people who had stabbed me in the back so viciously. Rose pleaded and I conceded and stayed, the truth is I do love her, but, I do not know if I can trust her to watch my back again, regardless of my feelings for her. Nor Giles, it was his plan, with no footing in logic, no reason.

Rose and I are headed out soon enough, though I haven't seen her since that night, I have waited, even passed on residence of what was my office. Still no word however.