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--- Quote ---Attention to all faithful and friends of our congregation!

We thank to all for your joining to the celebration of Nevermore Nights. It showed us once again, having kindness, love and friendship all together would lit a light in the Old Night. We shared our food, sang songs, greeted the Dawn and had a play reminded us even the darkest night cannot last forever.

We thank to,

Burgomaster and Vallaki Garda again for giving us permission to make this beautiful moment possible,

Cordelia and Miravaine for the Food Stand and their amazing recipes,

Talented performers of the play. They showed us again the art is one of the best way to tell us the past,

Songsters those who warmth us with their music and lyrics,

Bannor of Archondum for the barricades that helped us for protection,

our brave Light Carriers that protected us entire night,

and to all congregation for their all effort.

However, the grave news found us quickly after this beautiful night. Our Sanctuary of Eternal Dawn was attacked by the cultists of Nerull, meanwhile the celebration of Nevermore Nights was happening. Two Light Carriers have lost their lives in the attack. While the news are saddening us, we send our condolences to their families and wish them patience. This horrible, cowardly attack won't be forgotten. We pray for those who are responsible of this attack will face the justice soon. We should remain with the faith and not letting the fear get into our mind. Yet, I suggest our all laypersons, you should have your dusk prayers in your home since the Sanctuaries might be in still target of these attackers.

Dawnfather guides us!

- Dawnspear Amakiir

--- End quote ---


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