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DM Strigoi:

--- Quote ---3rd Day, 6th Moon 777 BC.

Dawns blessings to our Vallaki congregation!

On this blessed day The Sanctuary of First Light has held true to an old tradition: The Ceremony of the Rosy Dawn. Before the Morninglord, we honored Harcas Dastir, Annaka Hamori, Mara Ionas, and Arshtat Amakiir of the Vallaki congregation. They have walked the path of the Rosy Dawn, risking their very souls to damnation to bring the Dawn Father's message of light and hope out of darkness and despair.

The Ceremony of the Rosy Dawn is to recognize those who have illuminated the Morninglord's message. Those who have sacrificed and suffered yet did not waver in their faith when evil chose to manifest in the darkest of nights. It is with great pleasure that I, High Priest Samuel Valentin; Harbinger of the Rosy Dawn bestow upon Mara Ionas the title: Champion of the Eternal Dawn. The ttile symbolizes those who foster a rare purity of heart and goodness that we all strive for, but seldom achieve.

May the holy rays of the dawn blaze a path for you all to follow. Find inspiration in those who have walked the path of the Rosy Dawn. Blessed be your champion Mara Ionas and may all your earthly sins be cleansed from thy lips.

Walk in his light my children,

~ High Priest Samuel Valentin, Harbinger of the Rosy Dawn

--- End quote ---

DM Stygian Witch:

--- Quote ---Attention Dawnbringers, Lighcarriers and Faithful.

I have appointed lightcarrier Arshtat Amakiir as Dawnspear over our congregation. Her wisdom and compassion shall guide and protect us against old night.

Thy Lips be Cleansed

Reverend Bishop Ilie Lucaciu

--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---11th Day, 8th Moon 777 BC

Attention to all Dawnbringers, Light Carriers and Faithful,

Our temple grounds had been attacked twice and this can repeat at any time soon that we don't know when. I will suggest to our faithful they should have their prayers in their home if they can. I know we all love to pray and share the moment of Dawn in His house all together with the congregation. But this is a matter of life now. And wherever you're praying it doesn't matter. Morninglord still hear your prayers and our hearts are still with you. Even if you insist on visiting the temple, please have your sunset prayers in your homes and don't stay up too late.

My brothers and sisters, don't let the Fear surround you. I believe in you all, we will stay together. Remember it's always Darkest before the Dawn.

Thy lips be cleansed,

~Dawnspear Arshtat Amakiir

--- End quote ---


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