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Little Lotte:
Let it be known!

Elenuta Dragomir is no longer the Vallaki Dawnspear, nor is he to be considered our Brother from this day forward, unless he shows remorse for his words and actions. If there are any questions, please direct them to me.

-Vicar Loredana Vaduva

DM Brimstone:

--- Quote ---Beloved congregation,

It is with the deepest of joy in my heart that we welcome our newest Vicar of Vallaki, Sasha Sorokina. May we all walk in the light, guided by the beacon of her piety.

Thy Lips be Cleansed

Bishop Ilie Lucaciu
--- End quote ---

DM Stygian Witch:
Attention Dawnbringers, Lighcarriers and Faithful.

I have appointed lightcarrier Vodal as Dawnspear over our congregation. We need his calm and wise leadership as we endure this time of loss and mourning.

Thy Lips be Cleansed
Reverend Bishop Ilie Lucaciu

DM Stygian Witch:
It is with great sorrow and disappointment that we must denounce the violent actions of Eomirash Kethspar. His actions do not reflect our values or the dogma of our faith. Our congregation is a peaceful community of farmers, fishermen and honest hard working common folk.

Furthermore, I wish for it to be officially known that we of the Sanctuary of Eternal Light and Sanctuary of the Coming Dawn support the Vallaki Guard, we support the community of Vallaki and the safety of its residents.

Thy Lips be Cleansed
Reverend Bishop Ilie Lucaciu

Dawn's blessing, brothers and sisters.

Sister Sharlee has completed her training and nows stands with us as a Dawnbringer, I know I am not stricly given the right to bestow such a position but suspect none can doubt our Sister has earned her place after months of preparation, may his light guide her.

Thy lips be cleansed
-Dawnbringer Harcas Dastir


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