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DM Stygian Witch:
Attention Lightcarriers and Dawnbringers.

At the request of the Vallaki Guard, when standing guard within the Sanctuaries and when performing official duties in the service of our congregation. Please be sure to wear our churches official grab of either the robe or armor.

Unfortunate misunderstandings have occurred in the past between the Vallaki Guard and Lightcarriers. This proclamation should solve such issues of confusion.

Thy Lips be Cleansed
Dawnbringer Ilie Lucaciu

//In addition do not modify the Faction Armor. It should be plot locked to prevent being modified but sometimes it doesn't work.

DM Stygian Witch:
Attention Dawnbringers, Lighcarriers and Faithful.

I have appointed Dawnbringer Izabella Miklos as Vicar of Vallaki. This is an administrative position responsible for church activities and policy.
Please congratulate Sister Miklos.

Thy Lips be Cleansed
Reverend Bishop Ilie Lucaciu

Congratulations, Vicar Izabela.  May the Morning Lord's blessings be abundant upon you, and may his light continue to shine through you.

Dawnspear Petra Doyevska

Multumesc, I'll do my best to serve our congregation.

May thy lips be cleansed,

Vicar Izabela.

It is with a heavy heart and hand that I must revoke Lightcarrier Gabór Czakó's clergy due to recent events. He is still a faithful, and welcomed into our church and prayers. He will have the opportunity to take up the cloth again.

For now, may the Morninglord guide us.

May thy lips be cleansed,
Vicar Izabela Miklos


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