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[As night approaches, seems as if random scrolls of papers are appearing hidden underneath benches, pushed between trash cans and walls, packed in the grass, or left on the table of the inn. Upon inspection, they read as..]


We, the Garda, are hired to do what? To Oppress! We do not accept any singular person who ranks
above our Intelligence! We are designed for a singular purpose. To Kill! We do not talk,
We do not reason! We Kill! Not only do we kill in onslaught numbers, we purge the good
and sponsor the corrupt. We, the Garda, will accept the money from the poor, only to sponsor
our onslaught upon the higher intelligent individuals! As a Garda, we are brainwashed until
adept at forgetting redemption and sorrow. Swept to an intelligence level lower then our
Higher Ranks. We are to follow like Dogs on Chains! Killing the innocent Outlanders at point!
We, the Garda, fear these Outlanders and must exercise crimes against humanity. Snooping to
levels beneath the Outlanders, and committing sadistic acts of murder! For A Safer Haven.
Not one Garda is to sway from the path of sadistic tendencies. This is what we are trained for!
We, the Garda, follow these codes of conduct like it is our beating heart.
Without it or pursuing its intentional use, Garda Die! We do not stray. We do not Protect.
We Kill. We Purge. We Corrupt!

Author, Editor, Publisher
                                     Dr. B.
                                           "Fortitudine Vincimus"


I plan to log on one last time, and only to kill myself as an example of Garda Oppression.