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Changelog - September 11th 2020 Version BETA 2.23h title "Guests."
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Changelog - September 11th 2020 Version BETA 2.23h title "Guests."

Area, Item and NPC changes:

- Added doorbells to shop and warehouse rentals in Vallaki and Port--Lucine.

- Added material properties to multiple items throughout the module to better support druids' metallic restrictions.

Scripting and System changes:

- Added more feedback to the relevel crystal: time and number of uses left.

- Made some messages (ie: reset votes, reset countdowns) more visible on the player's screen.

- Fixed an issue with the relevel crystal sometimes not reseting the time left after forced relevels.

- Fixed an issue with racial and Hallowed Witch spell-like abilities not returning the proper caster level and DC.

- Fixed a bug with disguise voiceset.

- Fixed a bug with the rental system that would occur when people used the character "@" in a placeable's description or name.

- Fixed minor bugs and issues.