Author Topic: Port-à-Lucine - Baie de Pernault - Université de Dementlieu.  (Read 8033 times)


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Re: Port-à-Lucine - Baie de Pernault - Université de Dementlieu.
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[Strange occurrences around the city of lights, though undoubtedly the strangest is rumors of a grotesque crime of vandalism alluding to a larger conspiracy.  In blood, name of an instructor scrawled one letter at a time upon the chalkboard in the Grande Salle de Conférence.  The instrument used — a mutilated hand — left lying upon the floor in a bowl of blood.]


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Re: Port-à-Lucine - Baie de Pernault - Université de Dementlieu.
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A Zherisian woman in a rich burgundy coat and matching feathered hat is seen attempting to secure medical attention from a specialist in respiratory organs, yet she is turned away from the Faculty of Medicine. She and her companion, a lady just as distinguished yet dressed in golds and whites, leave the University disappointed and take lodgings within the Manor.
Could this be an opportunity for an up and coming medic, perhaps?

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//OOC: Send me a PM through the forums if you'd like to be involved in a one or two shot medical evaluation. :mrgreen:
Update: The window of opportunity has closed!

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Re: Port-à-Lucine - Baie de Pernault - Université de Dementlieu.
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During the early hours of the morning a collection of people carrying boxes enter the Medical building, led by a woman dressed as a plague doctor. One of the lower storage rooms are commandeered for an experiment involving rats, steam and something foul smelling. Many dried aromatic flowers are hung over the door, replaced regularly by a bespectacled medical graduate. She tends to the experiment regularly, taking copious notes.

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Re: Port-à-Lucine - Baie de Pernault - Université de Dementlieu
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Following the postings of a radically conservative political ideology, Caporal of the Gendarmerie Nationale, Marcel de Renault enters the university premises, and, to an empty lecture hall, delivers what seems to be an entire lecture.  The chalkboard is riddled with shorthand thoughts pertaining to the subject matter and for the few days until the lecture hall is cleaned, a bundle of the same notes seems to have been scattered across the room as if thrown in a rage.