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Tyln Sevric
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True Name: Tyln'eren
Used Name: Tyln Sevric (Pronounced: Tie-Lynn)
Nickname: Ty (Pronounced: Tie)
Status: Married
Husband: Roth Sevric
Race: Elf
Age: Adult (~160 Years)
Homeworld: Sigil
Eyes: A near colorless and reflective silver, though the iris is
speckled with shards of sapphire color. Her eyes are large
and expressive, and framed in thick, dark lashes giving her a
perpetual Doe Eyed look
Hair: Raven Black. Thin braids frame her face, each woven with
delicate silver chain and obsidian strings. The braids are pulled
back over lose hair to form a ponytail which falls to her shoulders
in length
Height: Just under five foot
Body: Slender and proportioned into a desirable hourglass shape.
She moves with utter grace and poise, having seductive dancers form.

Deities: Waukeen, Tempus, Sune
Known Languages: Trade Common, Drow, Elven, Sylvian, Balok
Written Languages: Trade Common, Drow, Elven, Sylvian, Balok
Occupation: Red Vardo Trader, Scholar, Supportive Warrior

Greatest Fears: To be alone, To lose Love, The Dark
Greatest Desires: Keep her small family safe in the Land of Mists, Be accepted into
Barovian community and culture and not thought of as a Fey
 Booted feet land on the worn out cobblestone at a dead run, the slender figure having dropped out of nowhere and taken off like a bolt from a crossbow. A silver band on her finger glowed slightly with magic as her mentors voice echoed softly in the back her mind. "Run. Run faster, and do not stop. Do not look back. I will find you."
  Twilight illuminated the small and twisting alleys with a sickly orange and red hue, Tyln's feet sprinted her towards the wall ahead, then up its faintly slanted surface as arrows crackeling with magic bit into cloth and flesh. She dropped into the next alley and ran with the same life fearing fervor, heart pounding as she screamed obscenities in her head. Steam rose from grates as she ran, obscuring the buildings around her, the misty vale swirling about her feet and enveloping her.

  An eerie silence seemed to roar in her ears, the sounds her boots made went from skipping across cobble to crunching lightly over dirt, and the twilight seemed to bleed away all too swiftly. Her running slowed and she crouched, her silver blue eyes looking around cautiously. She could sense a presence somewhere near, but a nauseating feeling welled in her chest as she looked about, her head growing dizzy and her face hot as the world around her began to spin. The magical Message Ring on her finger made an involuntary wheeze before shattering, the pain of it bursting was the parting thought before consciousness ebbed into blackness...

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