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//I intent to use this topic to narrate about Amon's story. I also would like to use this as a backup for future RP necessary for a few things that will be requested.


The Reborn

Narambaatar... wake up...

Says a voice within his head, followed by a deep breath. Amon slowly stands up looking the area around him. He feels his head a little dizzy. He rubs his face removing the leafs and durty from it. After recovering himself from what he presumed was an ambush, he noticed most of his equipment has gone, lefting only a few provisions, a torch and a small dagger.

Look around you, Narambaatar... Feel the energy... You're still alive.

And so he noticed the mist around him. It was lesser dense the way ahead, however the way behind him was closed. It's like the mist wants him to move forward.

What is this place? I can't... I... feel weak *Deep breath*

Yes, Narambaatar. You're far away from home now. Are you... afraid ? *evil laught*

Pushing forward and still dizzy, Amon reaches a small camp, filled with people wearing different clothes. It was clear to them Amon is not a common person. His white/pale skin, dark hair and green eyes, with a brand of Bane on his forehead and scar on his left eye made of burned skin scream he's a foreigner.

The time was passing and he learned about the locals, the vistani folks and their costume. It's clear to him he's outside Amia. Far away from everything he knows. A wild land with deadly creatures, hiding in shadow and waiting an opportunity to strike from it. However, that doesn't bother him deeply. But the fact that his powers has gone.

Have you lost your faith, Narambaatar ?

No, never ! *He shouts to the trees while hunting minks*

He had lost his powers after the mist took him away. He spends his time hunting, trying to survive the hostile land that, at the end of each day, he's too tired to pray. He doesn't dream anymore, not even the beautiful face of his lovely, but heretic wife, Ebony can be remembered.

The time was passing and so he discovered about the Vallaki town and the citizens. It was clear to him they despite the outlanders but mostly the witches. Casting spells is the main reason to get a bunch of people hunting you down. It is a weird land where the vampires seem to dominate the fear inside their hearts.

Amon keeps himself with low profile, trying to create good relationships with the locals and the "garda". He also noticed an interesting fact while walking in Vallaki: not everyone knows about Bane. However it was not like that. Those fewest who know the banites, despite them so deeply that Amon discovered there is actually another group of banites around that act rather in a chaotic manner.

The hard work makes Amon to spend his energy every day, smelting ores to craft helmets and small weapons. And even the voice inside his head could barely be listened. However, at the end of the spring season, Amon have met others banites. Not only regular ones, but Octavia a former Imperceptor of His church also from Amia, follower by Inquisitor Yenian, Audrey and Akamu. For some reason the mist have dragged them as well. And the reason was clarified by the Inquisitor Yenian as "... It is His will we, chosen of Bane, to spread His dogma to these ignorants, spreading His power, fear and tyranny. This land shall be purged from the heretics and the order and peace shall be established in His name".

And so Amon started to regain his faith, that was sleeping inside his soul. The next day he had a dream... a dream he will never forget. He saw himself, standing in front of Bane's flag, with a grey/pale skin, white hair and red eyes, surrounded by a red mist. It was a sigh to him it's just a matter of time he will retake his powers. Amon knelt and payed to Him that day and continues to do so each after.

And the voice within his head whispered once more...
... release the darkness inside you. Release us again...

... and more often.

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