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Author Topic: Elle, Seamstress Extraordinaire.. Tales of an Unknown Seamstress  (Read 1296 times)


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Elle, Seamstress Extraordinaire.. Tales of an Unknown Seamstress
« on: February 13, 2011, 01:09:33 PM »
Name: Elle, Seamstress Extraordinaire
Race: Appears Human
Gender: female
Age: Appears between 25 and 28
Origin: Yulash, Moonsea

Eyes: Deep Ocean Blue
Hair: Silvery White
Skin tone: A milky pale
Scars: She has a third degree burn type scar over her left shoulder. It covers her left shoulder completely out towards her mid chest. The scar is twisted, mangled and horrible to look at. Splatter marks of the same burn are here and there on her neck and could be noted that perhaps it was acid that created this deep hideous scar. She generally wears a cloak, collar or a dress that would hide it.

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 130 lbs

Profession: Seamstress, Matchmaker, Writer
Social class: Nobility, Lower
Marriage Status: Unmarried
Faith: Sunite; She believes in love and kindness above all things.

Elle is pleasant, kind and courteous. Her manners ever present. She has an aire of grace and nobility, elegance and regalness always seems to surround her. She's lighthearted, laugh's easily and tries to find the good out of life. Often times her kind heart is mistaken for a flirtatious nature but she is far too proper to openly flirt with anyone. Any that know her would hear her say. "It simply would not be proper to flirt."

She loves to make clothes, design them and fit her clothing to people. When she makes her clothing she is lost in her own world of pleasant happy things. She adores horseback riding, singing, playing her piano, picnics and swimming. Elle loves flowers. Flowers anywhere and everywhere. Any kind of flowers.

Elle wasn't born into her nobility, it was thrust upon her one day in an election. The city she lived in had open elections for the council and Elle being well known in her city through her sewing and singing was elected Counselor of Good Will for the People. With that came the title of Lady. She argued when she was awarded the councilor position but her pappy pap just wanted what was best for her and urged her to take it. Never being able to say no to her father, Elle relented.

She quickly learned to write in calligraphy, learned to speak many languages and was taught which fork was used for the salad. Lord knows before that Elle assumed one fork was plenty for a meal. Over time, she grew to love the life of the more fortunate and she realized what a true blessing from Sune the elections had been.  She lived the noble life for near eight years before the mists swept her away...


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Re: Elle, Seamstress Extraordinaire.. Tales of an Unknown Seamstress
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2011, 03:58:37 AM »
HMPH! Arrested again! this town is full of injustice! These thoughts kept playing over and over in Elle's mind as she sat in her room at the Blue Water Inn. She stared out the window at the children below playing in the streets. Her smile was soft as she watched them but she couldn't help but wonder if she would ever fit in.  She just couldn't believe that in the short time she'd been in Barovia, she had some how managed to upset, three... not one but three.. Garda. She just didn't know how. It wasn't that she thought she was above the law or that she thought she was a princess. It was simply that the reasons she was arrested were, in her mind, injustice.

The first night Elle was arrested it was for not closing a door. She truly understood the concept of closing the doors at night but in the day, it simply escaped her to do so. Had the Garda only asked her kindly, she would have closed the door without hesitation but it was the way he spoke to her. Rude, callous, hatred in his eyes. How could anyone hate a complete stranger as he hated her. Why did so many in these lands hate people they never spoke to. So many were jaded and twisted.

The second night she was arrested, she was arrested for letting a Garda know exactly how she felt about him arresting someone for no crime. Elle only said it was injustice and in her mind, it was. The lands she came from, people were allowed to speak freely even to the guards. She hadn't known it was a crime. A crime to speak one's minds. What was next? Burning of tomes in ancient temples? Gods.. what a strange land, she thought. No matter how much she tried to get use to it, she couldn't.

Then there was the third night she was arrested. This time she was -truly- minding her own business. Was it her fault she happened to express that a certain Garda was an ogre's ass when he just happened to wander up behind her and hear? Elle shook her head, she couldn't help but wonder what made the Garda who arrested her seem so gentle by night's end. He seemed a genuinely kind man, not like the other Garda at all.

Elle watched the day turn into night. Her mind wandered to all the new people she had met. Her smile softened as she thought of one man in particular. His smile made her smile easily and his inability to tell jokes more so. She wondered if when she saw him again, if he would have a new joke. She moved from the window to her bed. Elle  fell fast asleep with the sound of his laugh echoing in her mind.

The sweetest sound she had heard in these lands came from the most unlikely of places.


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Re: Elle, Seamstress Extraordinaire.. Tales of an Unknown Seamstress
« Reply #2 on: September 02, 2013, 01:54:51 AM »
She was back. She wasn't sure how the mists spat her out to begin with and she didn't ask. She had those last two years with her Pappy Pap before he died. She never dreamed the mists would claim her again. Elle thought the mists were done with her. Why in all of the places in all of everywhere did she end up in Vallaki again, she didn't know. The lands were more harsh now. Small groups stuck together. Each in the group holding fast to the other, rarely letting a newcomer in.

She had friends but they have died or moved on and now Elle realized just how very alone a person can feel, especially in the darkness of the night. Let's face it, most of us would rather be alone then what awaits in the night. So.. she didn't complain. But she did wonder what she could do to meet new people who she might call friend. Thus far, all she had was herself and a few acquaintances who seemed far too into themselves to even notice anyone else around them.

This was going to be a challenge.. though a challenge she wasn't about to give up on.