Author Topic: *Letters on a table of Port-a-Lucine's Chez Léon and notice board*  (Read 394 times)


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*Taking many artistic freedoms in shaping of the characters, a small parchment is seen on Chez Léon's table as well as on Quartier Marchand's notice board*

An actor, playwright, illusionist and a musician seeking an employeer or participants on multitude of endeavours; Got a tongue to knit a smooth mattress of words to wrap people into. Found at Chez Léon or on the streets of the city, easily spotted from the shiny fur cover of my legs, beautiful sparkles of fire about and often black-red attire of high most quality.

All suggestions of employment matching my well-honed field of talents are gladly considered.

- Taniel, formerly of Les Chats
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