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Declaration from Valentin Von Zarovich
« on: August 18, 2023, 09:28:00 PM »
[A notice goes up around Valliki's noticeboards]

Today marks a new day for the people of Barovia.

The Gundarak Rebels, encroaching and stealing land from the Watcher province were confronted. They were asked to come peacefully. They refused. They were asked
to turn themselves in so no more blood could be spilled. They refused. They choose violence.  In doing so they killed many good men but in the end they were forced off the land they stole and ran with their tails between their legs, carrying their own dead.

While many will mourn the loss of those killed at the hands of these rebels, we rest assured in our conviction; they have revealed themselves as nothing more than a rabid
animal with murderous intent.

Today we took back the land they stole. Today all Barovians stand in solidarity.

Barovia weeps. It weeps in the blood that the Rebels have spilled.

The offer of peace will be offered only once. That chance was given.

Let it be known: They refused.
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