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Author Topic: Borca - Falsonno  (Read 216 times)


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Borca - Falsonno
« on: January 10, 2023, 04:04:31 PM »

[In a land overrun with toxic flora and struggling to recover after generations of neglect and crushing taxation, there begins the stirring of life; footmen listlessly set about plastering copies of some notice to abandoned buildings and dismal-seeming small brick homes. None are seen posted outside of this demesne, and yet word doubtless spreads of its occurrence.]




For the crimes of threatening and menacing both those indentured to the Baroneasa di Falsonno and the Baroneasa herself, baseless slander and impugnation of her character, and violence through the use of fell magics carried out against those under her indenture and conspiracy directed to carry out the same, those who are members of the


are hereby named OUTLAWS, to be afforded no protection from the condottiere sworn to serve Falsonno.

Those who are a part of this organization masquerade as heroes; make certain, they are anything but, caring not for the laws of man or for any creed save their own. They will justify any act, including murder, as being necessary because THEY carried it out.

It is hoped that the other stapans who rule over the many polities of Borca will join me in censuring them, and seeing them made unwelcome. May Ezra show them forgiveness for their trespasses, for we shall not.

"Să se facă dreptate, chiar dacă cerurile vor cădea."
"Que justice soit faite, mÍme si le ciel tombe."