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Van Richten's Arsenal items
« on: August 03, 2010, 10:17:17 PM »

I found a bunch of items in Van Richten's Arsenal that is neat. I thought I would post them as they are cool. Though likely they would require modification for the server. I would like to hear what others think of some of these items.  There are some more alchemical items, but they seem to to be somewhat like feats.


petard, door breaker: When setting a door breaker, you must point it in a specific direction. the door breaker's blast radius is divided  into three areas: it deals 3d6 points of damage to everything in the three spaces directly in front of it, 2d6 point of damage to its own space and to the two spaces to either side, and 1d6 points of damage to the space directly behind. Creatures caught in the blast radius can make a reflex save (DC 20) to take half damage.

Petard, triggered: setting a triggered petard requires a successful Dex check (dc 12). If you fail this check, the petard explodes as if you had triggered it. If you are hit by a bludgeoning attack or take falling damage while carrying a triggered petard, you must succeed at a reflex save (DC 10 + damage suffered.) or the petard is triggered by the impact.

Each time a creature moves into a 5 foot square area occupied by a triggered petard (or spends fighting while standing in such an area), the creature may step on the petard. Those who step into the area automatically set it off if they are not aware of it. A reflex save for those who enter the area that are aware of the petard. The petard explodes of damage to everything in its blast radius, and the triggering creature's speed is reduced to one-half because its foot is wounded. This penalty lasts until the damage is healed. A charging or running creature must immediately stop if it steps on a petard. Any creature moving at half speed or slower can step around a petard with no trouble, assuming that it notices the lurking bomb.

Clockwork fuse: the timer can be set up for up to 12 hours. A successful Listen check (DC 15) can detect the quit ticking of a wound clockwork fuse.

Medical tools

Chirurgery kit: Like a healer's kit, a Chirurgery kit offers a +2 circumstance bonus to heal checks. Its supplies are exhausted after ten uses. The kit also offers +2 circumstance bonus to Search checks when examining a creature's body for clues. This does not expend any of the kits supplies. If used as weapon, consider a scalpel a tool-quality straight razor.

Leeches: applying a leech to an open wound is a standard action. If applied just after a wound is inflicted, a leech deals 1 point of subdual damage but provides +1 synergy bonus to the fortitude save to resist the secondary damage of injury based poison.

restraint Board: A restraint board can immobilize a medium size character. She loose her dexterity bonus to Armor lass (if any), and opponents gain a +4 to their attack rolls against her. A restrained character cannot cast any spells with somatic components. The restrained character can use the Escape artist skill to slip free (DC 35). To break free requires a success at strength check (dc 25). a leather strap has 10 hit points. If the one restrained has at least one arm free she can fasten or release one strap as a move-equivalent action.

Sanguine Pump:
Successfully attaching one of the sanguine pump's tubes to a subject requires a successful Heal check (DC 15). Once attached, you can pump blood out of a living creature, inflicting 1 point of temporary constitution damage for every ten full round actions(one minute) spent pumping. Blood can be pumped into a secondary subject at the same time. If both subjects are of the are of the same race, the subject can recover 1 point of lost temporary constitution damage for every point of blood pumped out of the initial subject. (This cannot boost the secondary subject beyond her normal constitution score however.) if the two subjects are of different races, the secondary subject instead suffers 1d3 points of temporary constitution damage for every point of blood pumped into her.

Diseases (including magical diseases like mummy rot and disease like curses like lycanthropy) can be spread through blood transfusions. The recipient of diseased blood must make a fortitude save as if exposed to the original source of the disease. In the case of lycanthrope blood, for example, the recipient must succeed at a Fortitude save (dc 18) or contact lycanthrope.

Straitjacket: a straitjacket binds the arms of a medium size subject. A character in a straight jacket cannot perform any actions requiring the use of her arms. The bound character can use the Escape artist to slip free (DC 35) To tear free of the straitjacket requires a strength check (DC 24). A straight jacket has 15 hit points.

Syringe: a syringe can deliver one dose of an injury or contact poison(including harmless substances) with a succesful melee attack roll. If the attack roll is high enough to contact (a touch attack) but does not penetrate the target's full ac the syringe breaks.

Crafting stuff

Anesthetic: DC 25. This substance works like a crude version of the anesthesia spell. a creature that ingests Anesthetic must make a successful fortitude save (dc 15) or lose all physical sensation. The creature ignores half of all subdual damage it suffers and gains a +4circumstence bonus to fortitude saves against stun effects (such as a monk's stunning attacks). The creature also suffers an effective -4 dex decrees. IF the creature is a player character, the player should not be told how many hit points the character has remaining. Anesthetic cannot affect creatures immune to poison. The effects of one dose of Anesthetic  wear off after 5 minutes; multiple doses does extend the duration but does not stack.

Catalytic Poison: DC 25

Disappearing Ink: DC 20. Writing vanishes after 1d4 minutes after exposure to air. contact with the restorative makes the ink reappear in 1 round.

Ether: DC 25. Ether is a non-lethal inhaled poison: Fortitude save (DC 15); initial damage 3d6 points of subdual damage, secondary damage none. Holding an ether rag over the face of a resisting foe requires a successful grapple check. The foe must make a fortitude save each round an ether rag is held over its face.

Heat Pouch: DC 20 Grants its bearer cold resistance 2 vs subdual damage dealt by cold temperatures for 6 hours.

Herbal Solution: DC 20 striking a foe with a flask of herbal solution is a ranged touch attack that does not provoke attacks of opportunity contact with an herbal solution damages creatures that have the selected herb as a harmful allergen. Such a creature must succeed at a fortitude save (DC 15) or suffer  points of damage on a direct strike or 1 point if splashed.

Night Drops: DC 25 For one hour the userr gains low light vision and light sensitivity, suffering a -1 penalty to all attack rolls in bright sunlight within the raisidus of a daylight spell.

Pungent Powder: DC 20. A creature that inhales pungent powder must succeed at a fortitude save (dc 15) or lose all benefits of the scent ability for one hour. Throwing the powder in a foe's face requires a successful touch attack.

Smelling Salts: DC 20. A sleeping or unconscious exposed to smelling salts automatically wakes up. If the subject had been driven unconscious by subdual damage, she is staggered until her hit points exceed her subdual damage again.


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Re: Van Richten's Arsenal items
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2010, 12:12:48 PM »
Anythoughts on these items I found in Van Ricthen's Arsenal. I will do some looking through NWN wiki to see if I can come up with ideas on how they could be implemented more easily.


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Re: Van Richten's Arsenal items
« Reply #2 on: August 05, 2010, 01:44:29 PM »
Sorry, didn't mean to not post, I have been looking at them and wondering how to convert them to NWN. Interesting stuff, but some of it is limited by the program.