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Suggestions & Feedback (OOC) Forum Usage
« on: May 28, 2006, 11:03:59 AM »


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Re: Suggestions & Feedback (OOC) Forum Usage
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2008, 11:30:46 PM »
Seriously guys, please use the prefix system. I know we're not used to it, but please. Pretty please? The prefix guideline has been there since May 28, 2006.
I was going to save this for a PM, but since you're bringing it up in-thread, can we get a more exhaustive list of what we're supposed to use for prefixes?  In the absence of anything else on that list, I figured the name of a class feature would be a precise, non-"vague" prefix.  I'm happy to jump through the hoop, just tell me what terminology you're expecting us to use.

This is actually a very good question.

First of all, let me explain this is not some random guideline, it's there for a reason and has been there for quite a while, but we just never enforced it and I too am guilty of ignoring this prefix guideline. But I began to see the point of it once I started to dig up threads and crossreferencing them. And let me clear up that forgetting a prefix will not get you banned nor will I summon EO and have him destroy the world as we know it, but adding them helps a lot for the feedback.

There can't be a complete prefix list, but it's mostly common sense that helps classify the problem at a first glance. For example, ochre jellies not splitting into smallar jellies. Prefix would be "Creature" followed by a hyphen and then the topic "Ochre Jellies not splitting into more jellies upon getting hit". So the topic would look like this:

Creature - Ochre Jellies not splitting into more jellies upon getting hit

Let's say Liuzca isn't giving potions:

NPCs - Liuzca not trading knuckles

Ice Golems not spawning at the Baratak Peak:

Spawn Rates - No ice golems?

Wrong crafting modifiers (Level modifiers, ability score ones...)

Crafting - Modifiers are whack

A faulty transition could be:

Transition - Transition in leading to the Sullen Woods goes nowhere
Area - Lake Zarovich East - Transition leading to the Sullen Woods goes nowhere

The system is there to enable a quicker classification and lookup for crossreferencing for the Devs.

The death example is something I really haven't seen ever happen here on these forums, but it pertains to having any topic listed in such a vogue way. Let's use the example, the topic reads: Death, okay, but death what? Death of an NPC? A monster's death, but what about it? They're not dying? Is this a charcter bug or a death bug? Is this about death spells or about the entity previously known as Death whose name shall now be spelled like this: [insert the symbol of the artist formally known as Prince who is now being called Prince again here].


Yeah? Skeleton what? The skeleton corpse placeable? Decrepit skeletons? Crystal skeletons? Skeleton archers? Skeleton priests? Which ones? All of them? The ones under the ML crypts near Vallaki, the Zeklos Crypt skeletons, the ones on the Baratak or the ones in the Village? Then one reads the post and goes... oh, he/she means mohrags. Forget about a prefix for a minute, the main problem is that such a topic tells us nothing of what is wrong. We're not asking for a full description, since that's what the post's body is for, but at least the title should give us some idea. A really over the top proper title would be this:

Creatures - Mohrags - Village of Barovia Mausoleum - They're level draining me! Is that supposed to happen?!?!

But I'd be crazy to ask for that much! There's something called overkill and that example was just plain overkill. Just one englobing prefix and a good title works.

Creatures - Skeletons at the Village are level draining?!

You might say, "you're overreacting, just read the post", but if you do a search it can get a bit dauting on getting exactly what you want since most topic titles are flashy and catch ones attention (something that we're also asked to refrain from) or other topics are just vague. Sometimes, a thread can have 9 pages or more. And if the thread has spam, gets derailed, has a lot of funny quips, it just gets harder to find the information you know you saw previously in there.

The feedback forums (General, Aesthtics and Appearance, Systems, Game Balance, Bug Reports, Fixed Bugs) are our connection with the Developer team so we can together make a better Ravenloft PW. They're already putting their free time into making this server work and ironing out all the bugs and glitches. Reading through the reports should be something easier for them to go through. So they can also prioritize their to-do lists more easily and spend the free time that they put aside for this PW on fixing bugs, and not have that time used up in having to navigate through posts. Remember that they also have a lot of other forums to go through that we don't see or have access to besides the public ones. So a cleaner, easier classifing system would help them out in their job.

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Re: Suggestions & Feedback (OOC) Forum Usage
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