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Re: ...Trojan @#$@!
« Reply #25 on: June 09, 2010, 12:12:26 AM »
Generally someone should have their regular AV installed before hand anyhow and setup for it's real time shield, while having a second setup but disable for an alternative scan (deactivate the general one when using the second) alongside at least one piece of anti spyware, malware and rootkit software.
But, failing that... :P

Cloud Av's are indeed nice, that being said I personally prefer to use a bootable copy of Linux or Win-PE on a thumbdrive with multiple Av's installed and the ability to update them via the net.  This means that the AV can scan the drive without the Virus running making it somewhat easier to use and dispose of certain problems, particularly in cases where the Virus file is being used and won't allow to be deleted or is sitting in memory.  You can also download some live AV Cd's from several AV company's however to update them you either have to mod the ISO file or download the new ISO completely and is more annoying then just creating your own bootable usb drive.
Sorry, I'm just used to stupid people. Having a bootable disc/drive with a full recovery and AV suite is better, but not usually as easy to recommend as "go click the fancy web button thingy over there." ;)
Now, I don't usually use the various boot discs I have around. On the odd case a virus gets past my AV, I generally just grab some SysInternals to unlock the file and a hex editor, open up my memory, corrupt it there (SEGFAULT ftw :lol:) and delete the file before it recovers. Way easier than going through the whole boot and scan bit.

Format hardisc is best solution..... every other software pale compare to this

Nuke and pave is best left until last.... it's generally over kill with a little extra added on the side.

But always keep a nuke disc handy!
You never know when the FBI will show up.  8)


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Re: ...Trojan @#$@!
« Reply #26 on: June 09, 2010, 03:30:08 AM »
If you know the name on it it's usually very easy to just do a google search for it. Make sure to just check out the 'safe sites' usually links to some forum article where some nice soul epxlains what the trojan does and how you remove it manually. :P Antispyware stuff is for sissies!