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An Introduction and Overview of Port-a-Lucine on POTM
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Map of Dementlieu -
Spoiler: show

Port--Lucine? What's that place about, and why is it fun?
Let me begin by saying that Port--Lucine is quite different from Barovia, as most of you already know - it's a very different type of horror. Dementlieu is a place that denies the existence of the supernatural, such as lycanthropes and undead, so many of the issues revolve around subtlety, politics, intrigue, and not knowing who to trust. You might find yourself in a truly morally questionable situation, with very few options out. The longer you stay in Port--Lucine, and the more you get involved really determines how much of the city you really get to experience. Like most of PoTM much of Port--Lucine's atmosphere is created and maintained by the PCs that play there.

Anyone can play in Dementlieu, natives and outlanders alike! Though those who do not conform to Port-a-Lucine's customs may find themselves less favored in-character, but any player is just as welcome as any other. You don't require an app to play in Dementlieu [Unless you're playing a noble, we'll go into more detail on that later] but it's a fair distance from the start area, so some traveling will be required.

How do I find anyone to play with?
Port--Lucine is one of the busiest locations on the server! The best place to look for RP is the terraces in the Quartier Publique (Public District), this is also typically where posters or notices are left to highlight the various goings on - if there is an active event happening where most of the other players currently are, notices will often be left there to let players know where to go! We also have several official server factions, the Gendarmerie Nationale, who are essentially the policemen and enforcers of law and order, and the Thtre de la Cathedrale, who put on regular plays and public performances as well as the Erudite society for those seeking knowledge and learning.

There is also a substantial presence of your friendly third sect Ezrites, and opportunities to get involved with the Red Vardo Traders.

You can find more information about these officially supported factions in their official write ups here!

There may also be other, more mysterious factions you can discover in game, as well as whatever player run factions are around at the time. The university too, while not formally a faction also has lots of opportunities to get involved.

Dementlieu has had a history of regular involvement from a variety of DM's, most recently DM Dread and DM Indolence and there's almost always something happening for players of all levels to jump in and get involved in. However much of the activity  is driven by PC's and if something is happening it's very easy to get involved in it!

How do I get there?
Players that have been around a while know this answer of course, but to newer players, traveling around may be confusing. For those that don't know how to get there, the best way is to ask someone in character. But what you essentially have to do is follow the Old Svalich Road to Midway Haven, run through ogre forest, and get to the Tser Pool. You'll need one hundred gold to get to the Mist Camp, and another hundred to get from there to Dementlieu. You'll arrive on the outskirts of the city. Just follow the path and you'll be there! Once you reach the Mist Camp, the journey is relatively safe, however be wary on the road through Barovia, particularly at night.

While a limited amount of Dementlieu is also accessible, almost all the roleplay takes place within the walls of the city of Port--Lucine itself, barring the odd event held outside the walls.

If you're making a new native character for Port--Lucine, some DMs may be willing to teleport your character directly there, or you can experience the game in Barovia and travel at a later date. Please note the content in and around the city is designed for levels 10 and higher and by night the Quartier Marchand and Ouvrier contain hostile spawns - so plan accordingly!

How do I fit in?
To properly be accepted in Dementlieu by the natives, it's imperative to follow the social norms. This pretty much means acting respectfully and politely to other characters, even though your character may absolutely despise them, so long as it's in character. As well as, avoiding wearing armor or leathers -- most noble women wear elaborate dresses, while the men don suits. One should also avoid wearing metal armor, which is viewed as terribly old fashion and of little use against muskets, and gold jewelry, which is considered in poor taste.

Does my character have to be native to Dementlieu to fit in?
In short, no. We've had half-vistani, Invidians, Tepestani, Borcans, Barovians, etc. You name it, they've likely been in Port--Lucine. As long as your character is well liked by others, their background won't determine if they're loved or hated.

There are some notable exceptions - Drow, Falkovnians, and outcast races in particular may struggle harder than most to find acceptance within the city, due to a history of poor relations.

It is also worth stressing you do not have to play a conventional or accepted character to find roleplay in Dementlieu, the city has a healthy history of revolutions and underground criminal networks - those who fall out of favor with the nobility and respected citizens may find themselves falling into favor with those hidden behind the scenes...

Citizens, however, have very different rights to Outlanders and foreigners, and your character may be treated differently accordingly. Citizenship is attainable for those born outside the Dementlieu, however this is no easy feat and must be pursued in game.

What sort of characters are in Port--Lucine?
Port--Lucine draws a lot of creative characters; as art and music are integral parts of the setting, and the theater faction has seen the rise and fall of many characters over the server's history. The Gendarmerie faction is often at the center of war and peace-time politics, as are characters from noble houses and their retainers [an excellent choice for beginners]. Common born PCs have started revolutions and cast down tyrant's, while detective agencies follow in the footsteps of Alanik Ray in uncovering the city's dark secrets. There is also the opportunity to study and even teach at the famous University.

     Here are some other ideas for characters that would work in Port--Lucine:
  • A student at the university/a character looking to be a professor there
  • A character involved in the black market of Port--Lucine
  • Create your own noble house!
  • Painters, actors, sculptors
  • Beggars
  • Theatre or city guards and/or war veterans
  • Be a philanthropist
  • Prospective recruits for the Gendarmerie

What if I want to be nobility?
There's two ways to be nobility in Port--Lucine. See also this for player created houses!
  • Start as a Dementlieuse gentryfolk. This is the lowest rung of nobility. Applying for a noble requires an application if you want to start your own noble house. You do not need an application if you want to join any of the existing ones! However, you should make an effort to seek out the founder of the House you seek to join [If they are still around] or any current members of the House so that you can integrate your character with theirs. If you can't find any current members of the House in play, you should make an application to join as normal.
  • Become a Dementlieuse citizen, and then prove that you're noble material. This generally involves doing a great deed on the behalf of the republic.

But what if I want to play something that has little to do with the nobility?

You can do that as well! Port's infamous sewers house a secretive black market which can provide a base of operations for characters less inclined to show their face in public. The Red Vardo Traders provide opportunities for steady employment without any involvement from the nobility and there's always the option of joining the oppressed commoners in the Ouvrier and struggling for freedom and equality. Remember above all that everything in this post are just suggestions and starting points for you to get involved; any character can carve out a home for themselves. A druid tending to the domesticated forests of the country, a 3rd sect toret lost in the mysteries of Ezra, or perhaps an outlander priest, attempting to spread their religion amid the nobility as the latest fad - cutthroat rogues, operating in the underbelly of Port--Lucine, or a scholarly wizard leaving the confines of the University. Any character, noble, common, or outlander, can make port their own.

What about dungeoning? Gold?
Unfortunately, Dementlieu is considered a high level area, so for newer characters, there isn't much to do for dungeoning. Gold, however, is another story. It's quite easy to come by if your character gets a job. Whether the job is working for one of establishments in Port--Lucine, such as the library or at the docks, or for one of the various PCs as an assistant, guard, or servant. Additionally there are also delivery quests available between Port--Lucine and Edrigan providing a moderate amount of gold and experience points for characters looking to pursue a more non-violent lifestyle.

For higher levels, a dungeon is pretty much only two caravan rides away - There are also some within Dementlieu itself but it would be wise not to mention then in-character. We all know monsters are the stuff of children stories.

So why are there two languages, again?

The traditional language of Dementlieu is High Mordentish, signified by [HM] in game. This is the language spoken officially and by the upper class, and is considered the 'proper' language for dialogue to be held in public. Its sister tongue, Low Mordentish, is the tongue of the common people, the working classes, and while rarely used in public, is the language of idle chatter and gossip between common friends, and family in the home. It is in turn signified by [LM]. While the use of Low Mordentish in public in more affluent areas is uncommon, it is not unheard of in poorer districts, or spoken by revolutionaries and reformers, wishing to use it highlight the plight, or their sympathy for the lower classes.

On PoTM, learning either HM or LM as a language automatically learns the other, so there's no need to spend two language points on learning both!

To Conclude
What we're trying to say here is that we love new characters and new players in Port--Lucine. We'd really like to see more people come by and roleplay, and we'd like it even more if you stayed! If you need help figuring out a character concept for Port--Lucine, I'm sure any of the regulars would be willing to help you out.

If you have any comments, concerns, or questions, feel free to PM any active DM.

tl;dr become a Port--Lucine regular. It's fun.
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