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Ravenloft POTM Chat
« on: May 16, 2010, 05:13:07 AM »
Our official chatroom is hosted on Discord - a user friendly chat software that supports both Windows, iOS, Android and (soon) Linux)

However, before joining, you should know that our rules for the forum also apply on the text-based chat rooms and voice chat rooms found on the Discord server. Those rules can be found here.

In addition to those rules, however, there are a few Discord-specific rules which we have put in place in order to ensure a fun, fair, and positive space for all in these mediums too. They will also be posted on the Discord server, but they are as follows:
  • You must register on Discord with a version of your forum name or game login, or else ask a DM or moderator to change your name to a version of your forum name or game login.
  • No IC business or any interactions that can reasonably be construed as IC should occur on the Discord server. OOC scheduling of IC interactions and events is however permitted.
  • Avoid sharing item statistics or specific knowledge of the in game world (e.g. locations of creatures and dungeons, crafting recipes etc.) We are all much better off by having this information acquired through IC communication or exploration.
  • Avoid discussing publicly the outcome of recent PvP or future plans for PvP unless you know for a fact the other party would welcome or enjoy your discussion.
  • Never share secret IC information OOC (this applies everywhere really).
  • Do not ask Dungeon Masters who are not online to come online. They cannot be logging on and off 24/7. Make a post in the appropriate thread here.
  • Bugs can be reported on Discord, but using the ticket system here.
In general, it is important to consider that requests and reports made on Discord are easily lost, even those made with @tags. Such things should be limited to this forum to better consolidate such requests and make more efficient use of the staff's time.

Having read and understood those rules, we welcome you to the server, which can be accessed here.

Best regards,

The Ravenloft: PotM Team
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