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Author Topic: Ravenloft PotM Server Rules - Changelog  (Read 13288 times)


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Re: Ravenloft PotM Server Rules - Changelog
« Reply #25 on: February 09, 2023, 07:37:06 PM »
Added a new section to the rules, section 7, to cover live streaming on Prisoners of the Mist. Read the following announcement for further context.

- Players should have informed consent about being livestreamed at all times. If that is in doubt or not practical, streamers must stop broadcasting.

- When broadcasting, streamers should activate streamer mode using @streaming. Using @streaming list will show all players currently streaming.

- Streaming of public roleplay taking place in open areas such as the Western Outskirts, Keep of the Dyad - Arrival, open taverns, etc., is always allowed - consent is assumed in these places. If in doubt, consult a DM.

- Streaming of semi-private roleplay such as whispered conversations, dungeon runs, encounters with monstrous player characters, etc., should only be done with the consent of those present.

- Streaming of scheduled DM and player-run events can be done only with the consent of the event organizer, consent which must be announced publicly ahead of time.

- Streaming of private or secretive roleplay and high-stakes conflict is not allowed.

- Failure to follow the live streaming rules constitutes a rulebreak under General Neglect of the Rules.